Mark Bennett


Mark Bennett has reported and analyzed news from the Wabash Valley and beyond since Larry Bird wore Sycamore blue. That role with the Tribune-Star has taken him from Rome to Alaska and many points in between, but Terre Haute suits him best.

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Prairieton, Indiana

Calmer. More hopeful, refreshing and challenging.Indiana classrooms and schools could feel such a change, if standardized testing played a smaller role in the state’s educational system. Some states have unhitched from the high-stakes-testing bandwag


Commencement was approaching. John Quinn listened to his Saint Louis University classmates discuss their plans after graduation.The guitar-playing English major from Chicago’s South Side suddenly knew what he wanted, and didn’t want.“In that moment,

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Connie Wrin thumbed through a small scrapbook of the Blues at the Crossroads festival on Tuesday afternoon.This year’s festival was just 10 days away. Sitting at a table inside her Wabash Avenue nightclub, The Verve, Wrin freely recounted the annual

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Festivals abound around the Wabash Valley each September, but only one could possibly involve the following scenario: A world renowned sword swallower spent a weekend at the Smock family's castle and decided to return and perform at the their medieval faire. He'll be joined by jousters on horseback, knights in heavy armor engaged in combat, ax throwers, archers, falconers, puppeteers, jesters, blacksmiths, beer vendors dressed as monks, fire-breathers, a team of fairies and a popular medieval-rock band from Belarus.

Aspiring guitarists, singers and songwriters may envision life in Nashville as eating, sleeping and breathing music.Dave Kyle did that and more. Take the year he spent working in the Gibson Guitar Factory, his day job while pitching original songs an

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