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With experts pegging the next two to three weeks as being the most crucial in curbing the spread of COVID-19, Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett describes the current lull in everyday life as a sort of, "calm before the storm."

Two Wabash Valley counties reported their first COVID-19 cases on Saturday while Vigo saw its total nearly double, from four to seven, as coronavirus continued its spread across the Hoosier state.

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Police will not pull you over just to see where you're headed, and they have no intention to make the next couple weeks any more difficult than they already are.

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Officials at Union Hospital in Terre Haute confirmed Thursday its first positive test for COVID-19, or coronavirus.

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An already difficult time for families is being made even more so as some Wabash Valley funeral homes say coronavirus guidance is forcing them to adjust how they host visitation and services.Following the recommendation to limit gatherings to 10 peop

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Wynona Brown doesn't think much of the coronavirus and, as she filed her Illinois primary ballot in Clark County's Wabash Township on Tuesday, said it seems common sense is as rare these days as toilet paper.

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