These are certainly busy times for Cam Cameron. The Terre Haute South Vigo graduate has been on the job as the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins for only a few short weeks, but he hasn’t had much of an opportunity to sit back and rest.

Rather, Cameron has been hard at work attempting to assemble a coaching staff along with scheduling meetings with returning players and planning for what will be his first NFL draft with the Dolphins. Of course, that doesn’t count the time spent trying to get his family moved east from San Diego, where he has been the offensive coordinator of the Chargers for the past five seasons.

In terms of pulling together a group of coaches, he’s well on his way to having that task completed before the draft. In fact, Cameron has called on his Terre Haute roots to potentially fill one key spot on his staff. Former Indiana State player and assistant football coach Bobby Turner, currently in his 12th season as the running backs coach at Denver, is in the running to be the Dolphins’ new offensive coordinator.

“You prefer not to talk through the media when it comes to people you’ve talked to, but obviously I’ve had a chance to sit down with Bobby Turner. But I think it’s important to know that I’ve known him since I was 13 years old. A lot of people aren’t aware of that. There’s a long relationship there. But we’re just going to let the process continue. And as soon as something needs to be said, we’ll do that,” Cameron said Friday before heading into the RCA Dome to watch players work out at the National Football Scouting Combine.

In discussing his friendship with Turner, Cameron recalled growing up in Terre Haute and spending time at Memorial Stadium watching ISU practices. His stepfather, Tom Harp, was the Sycamores head coach at the time.

“My stepfather gave him his first college coaching job,” he said. “He’s [Turner] has been a tremendous influence on me and in my life. And I think he’s one of the finest football coaches in the National Football League. I’ll give you this much. He was the first running back coach in Division I football to coach a guy that rushed for 1,000 yards his first four years in college. So this [his success as an assistant with the Broncos] isn’t new to any of us that know him. The [running back’s] name was Vincent Allen of Richmond, Ind., and he did that at Indiana State. So [Turner’s] been doing that since the 1970s. I think that just speaks volumes. What he’s done in the NFL is exactly what he’s done wherever else he’s been.”

n Cameron to call own plays — Whoever he ends up hiring as an offensive coordinator, Cameron has left no doubts who will actually do the play calling on the sidelines. He did say, however, that he plans for a group decision in the play calling process.

“Look at the experience that we’re going to have on our staff. The head coach and the coordinating staff that we will have [in the coaches] room already is, and it’s been done for a reason, to complement a head coach who’s going to be involved in the offense,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any magic in naming an offensive coordinator if the guy’s not the play caller. I’m going to call the plays with the help with the offensive coaches.

“We all know where it all ends up. I mean it’s the head coach’s defense, it’s the head coach’s kicking game and it’s the head coach’s offense, bottom line. The key is making sure that you got your defense squared away first. I’m accountable to the defense. There’s no way that I’m just going to be over here just coaching the offense and then not being involved in our defense. Same way with our kicking game. I’ve coached every phase of the kicking game at some point in time of my career. I love the kicking game. So I’ll be involved in the kicking game. So the plan is that you put together a quality, quality offensive staff. I think you surround yourself with people that can help you. And that’s the way I’ve always done it. It’s a collective effort in play calling. I believe that. That’s how we’ll do it. It’s ultimately going to come out of my mouth to the quarterback. But I’ll get great imput from our entire staff.”

n Visiting with his high school coach — Former South Vigo football coach Bobby Clements and his wife Libby were scheduled to make the trip from Terre Haute to Indianapolis Friday night to meet with Cameron.

“That’s the plan. We’ve got a little get together with our [coaching] staff and our scouts. Libby and Coach, if he’s feeling well enough, are going to come over. I’m looking forward to that,” he said.

In addition to Clements and his wife, former Terre Haute North and Indiana State baseball standout Brian Dorsett and his son were over for a visit earlier in the day.

n Harp to watch from the sidelines — Don’t expect to see Tom Harp helping out on the Dolphins’ sidelines any time soon.

“His role is going to be supportive and then to keep up on what we do on second and short. Every time we throw on second and short, he calls and just rips me,” Cameron joked. “We’ve been battling X’s and O’s since I was 13. But I enjoy it still.”

Harp, who is spending his retirement at the family’s home in North Carolina, won’t be involved in any player evaluation work either.

“We’ve got plenty of people in those roles,” he said. “He’s got his hands full trying to get back down in the 80s in his golf game.”

n Dungy, Polian “disappointed” in Rhodes — The arrest of Indianapolis Colts running back Dominic Rhodes Tuesday morning for speeding and drunk driving has not sat well with Colts coach Tony Dungy and team president Bill Polian.

“We’ll sit down with Dom and talk through it. It’s very, very disappointing. One of the things that I said that I was so proud of was we went through the Super Bowl time, where there’s usually some type of negative story. And there was nothing negative that came from either team. And I thought both teams did a great job of showing that the great side of the NFL. We talk about it all the time as a team, the decision making. You make one poor decision and it reflects on everybody. It reflects on the whole National Football League. So it’s disappointing,” Dungy said Friday.

“How it’s going to impact on what we do [in the draft or free agency], we’ll have to see down the road. But obviously Dom knows that it’s something that I’m very disappointed in. But we’ll sit down and go through everything and try to sort it out and try to be as supportive as we can.”

The Colts coach said that he has not spoken with Rhodes directly since the incident but that the team officials have.

“I have not talked to him since the incident happened. We have been in contact with him as an organization. But I haven’t [talked to him] personally,” Dungy said.

Polian, meanwhile, reiterated his initial reaction from earlier in the week.

“I was saddened and troubled by it was I said in my earlier statement,” he said. “It’s something that’s not what we want in our program. But by the same token, I don’t have all the facts. In fact, I have very few of the facts at this point in time. So we’ll see what the facts are before we make a decision one way or the other. But it’s certainly troubling, especially in light of what Tony repeatedly tells his players. However, the caveat to that is that I don’t have all the facts at this point.”

n Cutting back on offseason work — Due to the longer-than-usual season just completed by the Colts, the team will reduce the total number of offseason practices this spring.

“We’ve actually moved things back a little bit. It’s going to be April 16th before we bring guys in for the conditioning phase, which is a couple of weeks later than we did last year. We’re going to shorten our whole program down from 16 weeks to 14 weeks in order to try and let the guys have a little recovery time,” Dungy said.

“But other than that, everything is pretty much going to be the same. We’re going to bring our rookies in the weekend after the draft and then two weeks later have our veteran mini-camp. We’re trying to balance the need to push forward with the need to recover a little bit.”

n Additional players moves — The Colts have confirmed the release of safety Dexter Reid, defensive end Jonathan Welsh, and tight end Jerome Collins. Indianapolis has also waived outside linebacker Jonathan Goddard and have signed former Ball State punter Reggie Hodges.

Hodges was with the team during training camp, filling in for starter Hunter Smith in one preseason game. Smith had been sidelined with a groin injury.

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