Nathan Foxworthy is a fine 10-year-old young man that took his first deer Nov. 14, 2009.

Jim Foxworthy Jr., started his son’s practice sessions with a BB gun and worked in a lot of gun safety.

They got so good that tic-tac toe was their favorite competition. With a grin, Nathan said he would many times outshoot his dad.

Lost Creek Elementary school is lucky to have Nathan as a fifth-grader. He enjoys baseball, basketball golf and is on the math team.

His grandpa, Jim Foxworthy Sr., and Nathan compare methods of math, and Nathan’s eyes rolled as he started figuring equations in his head, while grandpa had to take his shoes and socks off to count to 20.

Is this kid an all-around sportsman or what?

Foxworthy Sr. has been retired for 12 years after working the railroad for 45 years. How many people can claim fame to that?

Foxworth Jr. works for an overhead door company and takes his work seriously. His escape is fishing a little and deer hunting a lot. Keeping up with his son and daughter’s activities occupy much of his time as well.

Nathan used a 12-gauge Charles Daley automatic shotgun to take his deer, and believe me, the gun packs a punch.

Nathan likes to camp behind the house in the woods in a tent while roughing it.

When they lost power during the ice storm in February, the family used the fireplace to keep warm and cook with. They had fun roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, taking advantage of the quiet family time.

Nathan says he would like to bird hunt also, but his school work comes first.

It is refreshing to see Nathan look in his dad’s eyes with admiration while relating his stories. Jim Jr. would even let a smile creep out with pride from listening to his son’s voice.

Nathan helps process the deer, and it’s a family effort, for deer is one of their main sources of food.

A deer got lucky one day from walking across the backyard.

Nathan saw it through the patio door and was like a bird dog on point, but mom wouldn’t let him take it without dad being there.

When asked what the most important things in life are, Nathan said, without hesitation, family and religion.

When asked to tell the story of his first deer, he did a great job.

“When we got in our tree stand, we didn’t see anything for about two hours,” Nathan said. “But when those two hours were up, we saw two beautiful does about 100 yards away.”

Nathan waited patiently.

“We waited about five minutes before I pulled the trigger. Bam! I took a shot at the fattest doe,” Nathan said. “Unfortunately, I missed. Those deer must have been deaf because they just stood there. I took another shot, but I missed again. They still just stood there like nothing happened.

“Then, my dad took over and took a shot at the other doe. He shot her right in the neck, and she fell right over,” Nathan continued. “Yes! We’ve got one out of two of the does.”

Then it was Nathan’s turn.

“Then  I took a shot at the other doe, and I shot both of her knees right off. That doe was still alive, but my dad just hopped out of the stand, and shot her again, right in the chest,” Nathan said, glad that his dad quickly ended her suffering.

That would be the only deer they saw that day as Nathan hunted his first deer.

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