Jason Reinhardt is bringing his Courage Fighting Championships to Terre Haute tonight, the first mixed-martial arts card to be presented to Terre Haute fighting fans.

Tonight’s card starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Zorah Shrine at 420 North 7th Street. Tickets are still available. Ringside seats are $50. Box seats are $35 and others are $25.

Courage Fighting Championships No. 9 will be highlighted by Laverne “Fists of Fury” Clark (22-15-1) as well as a superheavyweight title belt matchup of Cory Moon of Lawrenceville, Ill., and Juan Vasquez. Each man weighs more than 300 pounds, Reinhardt said.

Reinhardt, a fighter himself with a professional record of 18-0, will not be fighting tonight. The Decatur, Ill., native has promoted a total of 17 fight cards, including several at the Masonic Temple in Decatur.

Reinhardt said tonight’s card will have about 15 fights. Call (847) 987-6969 for tickets.

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