Terre Haute South won all four of its meets Thursday night in the Vigo County high school swim meet at the Vigo County Aquatic Center.

In meets scored in a triple-dual format, the Braves — who also celebrated their Senior Night prior to the competition — came out on top in relatively close girls competition against Terre Haute North and West Vigo, and dominated both rivals in the boys meets.

South’s boys, who were in no position to dominate any opponent not that long ago, might rank as the most improved of the six teams this winter, but West Vigo’s two teams also continue on an upward trend thanks to improving numbers in the Viking program, and coach Mike Williams of North is happy to tell anyone who asks that his Patriot teams are also getting better.

“It’s great to see our teams come back together and swim and dive against each other,” Williams said at the conclusion of Thursday’s meet, “and we’re thankful that the school corporation let us have this meet [despite COVID-related concerns].

“I think we looked really good,” Williams continued. “We have a couple of girls who are really coming around.”

Coach Ian Loomis of the Vikings would have liked to have his swimmers be a little closer to their county rivals, but the West Vigo scores were respectable — despite having four swimmers unavailable — and the Vikings had their first county champion in quite a while when Ella Loomis won the girls 50-meter freestyle. The coach’s daughter is one of quite a few freshmen who were competing in Thursday’s meet.

“I think they’re seeing stability in the program and seeing the program grow,” coach Loomis said when asked about his team’s steadily increasing numbers. “It’s helping them not only in swimming but to be better students in general.”

An increase in numbers has also helped the South boys become competitive again after some uncharacteristic down seasons.

“It’s their commitment to the sport and to each other, the team support,” boys coach Cristina Elliott explained. “They get just as excited for a teammate’s success as they do for their own, if not more excited. There’s no limit to it. We’ll keep it fun.”

Coach Emily Marrs of the South girls team was also happy with the results after the meet.

“They performed very well,” Marrs said of the female Braves. “We told them to swim as hard as they could, and I think they did that. We had some season bests and personal bests, which was awesome . . . and we’re nearing the championship season, with [Conference Indiana] and sectionals right around the corner.”

Marrs had the advantage, of course, of having the meet’s most dominant individual on her side. Haley Sakbun anchored two winning relays and won her individual events — 500 freestyle and 100 breaststroke — with ease in her final county meet before joining her older sister Apsara on the Ball State swim team next year.

Other two-time individual winners were Demme Hancewicz of the South girls; Christopher Chow and Connor Lauritzen of the South boys; and Annie Demchak of the North girls.

Girls results

Team scores — Terre Haute South 124, West Vigo 61; Terre Haute North 117, West Vigo 68; Terre Haute South 105, Terre Haute North 80.

200 medley relay — Terre Haute South (Charissa Chow, Demme Hancewicz, Lyric Irish, Haley Sakbun) 1:56.69, Terre Haute North (Neveah Lauritzen, Julia Gutierrez Cetulio, Annie Demchak, Katie Templeton) 1:58.57, Terre Haute South (Maria Hillyer, Jillian Burke, Mia Belfi, Aja Irish) 2:14.70, Terre Haute North (Laney Ferres, Maddie Myers, Kassandra Merritt, Dru White) 2:15.73, West Vigo (Ella Loomis, Sadie Herring, Gretchen Parsons, Hailey Kane) 2:23.27.

200 freestyle — L.Irish (THS) 2:06.46, Hillyer (THS) 2:13.38, Joanna Phillips (THN) 2:17.09, Anna Harvey (THN) 2:32.66, Tailar Daugherty (WV) 2:38.70.

200 individual medley — Hancewicz (THS) 2:20.79, Murphy Moore (THS) 2:23.96, Myers (THN) 2:32.43, Merritt (THN) 2:44.78, Parsons (WV) 3:01.49.

50 freestyle — Loomis (WV) 26.34, N.Lauritzen (THN) 27.13, Cha.Chow (THS) 27.18, Templeton (THN) 27.57, White (THN) 28.94.

Diving — Grace Foltz (THS) 260.60, Ava Rose (THS) 257.35, Ava Thompson (THS) 254.15, Addisyn Lindsey (WV) 199.30, Haylee Chumley (THN) 171.05.

100 butterfly — Demchak (THN) 1:03.18, L.Irish (THS) 1:03.91, Belfi (THS) 1:13.91, Merritt (THN) 1:14.55, Jaydah Holmes (WV) 1:35.91.

100 freestyle — Hancewicz (THS) 57.13, Loomis (WV) 59.25, Gutierrez Cetulio (THN) 1:00.01, Templeton (THN) 1:00.84, Kane (WV) 1:05.73.

500 freestyle — Sakbun (THS) 5:16.26, Myers (THN) 5:44.69, Phillips (THN) 6:04.10, Belfi (THS) 6:35.99, Harvey (THN) 6:44.82.

200 freestyle relay — Terre Haute South (Moore, Belfi, Hillyer, Cha.Chow) 1:54.99, West Vigo (Kane, Holmes, Parsons, Loomis) 1:58.58, Terre Haute North (White, Ferres, Phillips, Harvey) 1:59.29, West Vigo (Maddie Blitz, Daugherty, Erin Murphy, Cassie Roush) 2:14.61, Terre Haute South (Haley Overton, Thompson, Rose, A.Irish) 2:15.23.

100 backstroke — Demchak (THN) 1:03.80, Moore (THS) 1:05.23, N.Lauritzen (THN) 1:08.01, Hillyer (THS) 1:10.61, Cha.Chow (THS) 1:14.01.

100 breaststroke — Sakbun (THS) 1:09.43, Gutierrez Cetulio (THN) 1:15.56, Burke (THS) 1:25.11, Ferres (THN) 1:29.24, Bailey Millis (WV) 1:36.84.

400 freestyle relay — Terre Haute South (L.Irish, Moore, Hancewicz, Sakbun) 3:48.70, Terre Haute North (Demchak, N.Lauritzen, Templeton, Myers) 4:02.41, Terre Haute North (Phillips, Harvey, Merritt, Gutierrez Cetulio) 4:21.41, Terre Haute South (Jane Baker, Shalynn Switzer, Dalia Alasmari, A.Irish) 5:35.18, West Vigo (Herring, Sophia Bonomo, Blitz, Murphy) 5:43.22.

Boys results

Team scores — Terre Haute South 143, West Vigo 26; Terre Haute North 72, West Vigo 52; Terre Haute South 140, Terre Haute North 30.

200 medley relay — Terre Haute South (Owen Chapman, Connor Lauritzen, Aidan Cox, Christopher Chow) 1:49.61, Terre Haute South (Kasen Woodard, Chase Meadors, Bryson Howe, Paul Bawinkel) 1:54.66, Terre Haute North (Ezra Gatrell, Kaleb Leinenbach, Dominick Arney, Alex Santiago-Mesinas) 2:21.21, West Vigo (Nick Duncan, William Marrs, Jay Van Denburg, Brice Taylor) 2:29.96.

200 freestyle — Howe (THS) 1:54.06, Bawinkel (THS) 2:03.00, Jonathon Stadler (THS) 2:19.00, Arney (THN) 2:28.52, Marrs (WV) 2:38.15.

200 individual medley — C.Lauritzen (THS) 2:06.70, Woodard (THS) 2:19.47, Meadors (THS) 2:31.37, Van Denburg (WV) 2:32.91.

50 freestyle — Chr.Chow (THS) 23.81. Cox (THS) 26.50, Sam Alderton (THS) 29.20. Chase French (WV) 29.32, Rollie Shepherd (THN) 31.00.

Diving — Ike Hults (THS) 220.85, Jordan Crosby (THN) 165.30, Andrew Baker (THS) 157.50, Matt Gambill (THS) 131.45, Donnie Lark (WV) 98.30.

100 butterfly — Cox (THS) 1:00.60, Chapman (THS) 1:02.74, Van Denburg (WV) 1:08.71.

100 freestyle — Chr.Chow (THS) 52.71, Howe (THS) 53.81, Alderton (THS) 1:06.15, Arney (THN) 1:08.16, Shepherd (THN) 1:11.60.

500 freestyle — Bawinkel (THS) 5:24.55, Woodard (THS) 5:26.32, Marrs (WV) 7:09.48, Leinenbach (THS) 7:20.71, Eli Burkitt (THN) 7:51.31.

200 freestyle relay — Terre Haute South (Cox, Chapman, Meadors, Bawinkel) 1:45.11, West Vigo (Duncan, French, Marrs, Van Denburg) 1:57.47, Terre Haute South (Vastal Mannepalli, Stadler, Arjun Bhatia, Alderton) 2:00.03.

100 backstroke — Chapman (THS) 1:04.26, Gatrell (THN) 1:23.06, Bhatia (THS) 1:30.62, Mannepalli (THS) 1:31.41, Duncan (WV) 1:46.41.

100 breaststroke — C.Lauritzen (THS) 1:03.70, Meadors (THS) 1:15.50, Stadler (THS) 1:20.95, Leinenbach (THN) 1:21.28.

400 freestyle relay — Terre Haute South (Howe, Woodard, Chr.Chow, C.Lauritzen) 3:33.03, Terre Haute North (Santiago-Mesinas, Shepherd, Leinenbach, Arney) 4:46.83.

Next — Terre Haute North hosts Plainfield for the Patriots’ Senior Day on Saturday. West Vigo is at Greencastle on Tuesday. Terre Haute South is at Plainfield next Thursday.

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