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Indiana State's women's basketball team clawed their way back into its Tiger Turkey Tipoff opener at the University of the Pacific on Friday, but the Tigers pulled away late to claim an 83-66 victory.

Jasmine Elder led ISU with 16 points and Leandra Echi had 15 points and nine rebounds, but the Sycamores couldn't overcome 35.1 percent shooting and 17 turnovers.

ISU coach Vicki Hall heaped praise upon Pacific in the wake of the defeat.

"I think it's easy to say that Pacific is the best team we've played so far. Colorado wasn't bad, but this is a team that plays at a high pace that's difficult to match and they're super long," Hall said.

Pacific scored 16 points off of ISU turnovers and that proved pivotal in the game.

Pacific got off to a 16-2 start and never looked back in the first half. ISU was 2 of 14 from the field in the opening quarter. After that, ISU settled down, hung with the Tigers and only trailed by 14 at halftime.

ISU (2-4) closed the gap to five by the early part of the fourth quarter as the Sycamores converted 9 of 15 from the field in the third period. It was 60-55 early in the fourth quarter before Pacific (4-1) closed the game with a 27-6 run to finish the Sycamores off.

"I was proud of our effort today, and I hope we learned a lot from this game and the pace of play which we need to play at. When we did that? We played pretty good," Hall said.

ISU next plays Cal-Northridge at 4 p.m. today. The Matadors are 1-6 after a 68-58 loss to SMU in the other game of the four-team Tiger Turkey Tipoff.

"This team hasn't folded yet. We're competitors. They try to claw, fight, and find any way they can. But it shows the level of the team that we got within five, we let go a bit defensively, and it popped back up to 15. I give Pacific a lot of credit for that," Hall said.

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