Nicholas Reed has always had a dream of owning his own gun shop. His love of the outdoors was inherited from his dad, Steve Reed.

After Steve retired, the father and son teamed up to offer firearm’s at only 10 percent over cost. They offer gun accessories, scopes, holsters, gun stocks, clips, hearing protection and a lot of ammo. They even have .444s on the shelf, I personally used to bear hunt with a .444 caliber Marlin.

Steve says his son works him like a borrowed mule. It’s a small shop with big values.

As I walked in the door there were four customers purchasing guns and ammo! Kara Hoole from Terre Haute is a 24-year old lady that’s looking at a 9-millimeter handgun. With great pride she named six different caliber guns she has purchased there. Kara loves to hunt deer, turkey, squirrel, and rabbit. Let’s just say anything that walks.

The telephone is keeping Steve busy answering quotes on guns. He says they are buddies with Carson Arms, so if they can’t get something, the other one can. They offer a layaway plan and ask for a small deposit to hold a gun in stock.

“Look at that!” Kara just bought a 9-millimeter Ruger in a model LC95 handgun. I asked her to marry me, when her boyfriend, Eric Uselman, got a big smile on his face. She said “He won’t marry me, so I’ll think about it." 

The conversation turned to the high power rifle deer hunting. Everyone in the gun shop agreed the rifle deer hunting is too risky as well as not being sporting. Yes, a high power rifle can kill someone miles away. Many folks don’t like the idea of hunting a deer in a fenced area either.

Steve says they only have a 10 percent markup and said he made a price mistake a couple of times and sold guns at cost. With a smile, he said those folds will be back for sure!

Steve says cats love the red laser, it drives them crazy. A built in laser on a gun is very convincing to a person when you see that red dot on your body.

The shop has a great laid back atmosphere with good down to earth folks. In a couple of hours time, they sold three guns.

Brian Holland from Clinton says the gun shop is the best around. They’re good ‘ol boys and have the most reasonable prices. He says he keeps a gun in layaway all the time and pays $10 every week or two and his wife doesn’t even know it. He slips it in the gun safe she doesn’t look in and gets another gun every few months. All his buddies promised not to tell her! Brian’s mama didn’t raise a fool!

They’re located in the North end of Clinton at 3515 Davis St. They’re closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday open hours are 10-6 and Saturday open 9-12.

The contact number is (765) 828-4140 and email


On May 13, there’s a Women of the Outdoors event sponsored by the Paris, IL Limbhanger NWTF Chapter for women to learn how to shoot 22 caliber rifles and bow and arrows. It’s located at the Wilson Farms and starts at 9am to 12 noon. To make reservations call Spike 217-202-5032.

Another women’s outdoor workshop is at Ross Camp in West Lafayette. Open to women ages 18 and older limited to around 100 participants. The annual Becoming an Outdoors-Woman is May 5-7 with courses ranging from shotgun shooting to photography. The cost is $210 and includes all equipment, meals and lodging. Register online at

The program is designed for women to learn outdoor skills in a relaxed, low-pressure environment. Four activities are chosen from two dozen offerings.

Contact Kenny Bayless at or 812-877-4688. 

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