Indiana State University has dismissed a football player who has been accused in a civil suit of allegedly sexually assaulting two female student-athletes when he was a student at the University of Kansas.

Jordan Goldenberg Jr., a long snapper, was dismissed from ISU's team Thursday night, according to ISU Director of Athletics Sherard Clinkscales. Goldenberg is still listed on ISU's student directory as of Saturday evening as being enrolled at the university. An email to his student email address by the Tribune-Star has, as yet, not been answered.

Clinkscales said Saturday that the university became aware Wednesday of the allegations surrounding Goldenberg. A meeting was conducted with ISU football coach Mike Sanford after Thursday's practice and Goldenberg was subsequently dismissed.

"We heard about it Wednesday and we dismissed him on Thursday," Clinkscales said.

Clinkscales and Sanford said any further comments on the Goldenberg situation would be confined to a university statement read by Sanford to the Tribune-Star after Saturday's mock game at Memorial Stadium.

"Jordan Goldenberg Jr. has been removed from the Indiana State football team, effective Aug. 25. The upper administration of the athletics department was not aware of the allegations surrounding Goldenberg, and upon becoming aware of such information, he was removed immediately from the football team and to ensure this situation was not repeated," said Sanford, reading the statement from his phone.

Sanford's statement differed slightly from a statement released by ISU director of communications Libby Roerig to the Kansas City Star on Friday and to the Tribune-Star on Saturday, which said, "The upper administration of the athletics department and football team recently learned more information about Goldenberg and after a review, decided it was best for him to focus on obtaining his degree. Steps have been taken to ensure this situation is not repeated. Because of privacy limitations, the University will not release further details."

Sanford's only addition to that statement is that he supports the university "100 percent" in its decision.

Both Clinkscales and Sanford said they and any other athletic personnel would stick to this statement and have no further comment.

That policy extends to ISU special teams coach Gary Hyman, who was hired by ISU in February after having been on Kansas' staff in 2015. Hyman could have had knowledge of Goldenberg's background having been his position coach with the Jayhawks in 2015. Clinkscales and Sanford would not comment as to whether Hyman faced any sanction from the university.

Goldenberg, who would have been behind All-American Josh Appel on the ISU depth chart at long snapper, participated in practice on Thursday, but has since been removed from the official ISU roster.

Goldenberg was not criminally charged while a student at Kansas, but the sexual assaults that allegedly occurred are part of a Title IX class action lawsuit brought against Kansas by the families of former Kansas rowers Daisy Tackett and Sarah McClure.

Goldenberg is referred to as John Doe G. in court documents, but via a source, the Kansas City Star on Friday named Goldenberg as John Doe G. The Kansas City Star reported that attorneys for the Goldenberg family said it "strongly denies" the allegations of sexual assault contained in the lawsuits.

Until Friday's Kansas City Star report, Goldenberg had not been named publicly in reporting on the lawsuit as he has not been charged with a crime. It is not typically the policy of the Tribune-Star to name sexual assault victims, but Tackett and McGuire identified themselves to the Kansas media earlier this year.

Before he was removed from it, Goldenberg was not listed as a Kansas transfer on ISU's roster. Typically, the school the player has transferred from most recently is listed on a roster. He was also listed as a freshman. He would have, in fact, been a junior after having been eligible at Kansas in 2014 and 2015.

Goldenberg, who is from Chesterfield, Mo., a St. Louis suburb, played the first seven games of the season for Kansas in 2015. He did not play in the final five games of the season after claims of his alleged sexual assaults came to light. Hyman was moved to an off-field role by Kansas coach David Beaty on Dec. 20 and joined Sanford's staff in February. Goldenberg left Kansas in March.

The two women allege that Goldenberg was involved in two sexual assaults against them. In Tackett's suit, she claims she was stalked and sexually assaulted in November 2014 in the Jayhawker Towers student housing in Lawrence, Kan., an apartment frequently used by Kansas athletes as their residence. 

Tackett did not press charges or come forward for a year, believing no one would believe her story, but decided to come forward and tell University of Kansas officials after hearing about another sexual assault allegedly involving Goldenberg a year later.

Tackett filed her Title IX suit against Kansas in March, and the suit alleges Kansas had a, "hostile educational environment when it chose to house KU football players in the Jayhawker Towers, despite knowledge of a high rate of sexual assaults, making the KU football player’s attack on her in the Fall of 2014 foreseeable.”

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed by Tackett's parents on her behalf, Tackett elected to make her identity public.

Sarah McClure joined the class action suit in April that had been filed by the Tackett family and she went public with her allegations in June. McClure was allegedly assaulted in October 2015 and McClure filed a police report. The Douglas County, Kansas, district attorney's office declined to prosecute as it determined the case was insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

The University of Kansas has denied allegations made in the lawsuit. In response to the suit, Kansas spokeswoman Erinn Barcomb-Peterson told the Kansas City Star in June, "[Kansas] thoroughly investigated Ms. McClure’s allegations and as a result the accused student is no longer enrolled at KU. We are confident the courts will agree that we’ve met our obligations to both Ms. McClure and Ms. Tackett.”

The accused student is Goldenberg, who was not publicly identified at the time of that report. Goldenberg was a resident of Jayhawker Towers, according to the Kansas City Star.

Jim McClure, father of Sarah, talked to the Kansas City Star from his Illinois home for the Star's Friday report.

"It's horrific, the fact that my daughter continues to struggle with this while this young man transfers to another school, puts on a jersey, and continues to play football," Jim McClure said.

Clinkscales deferred comment to Roerig as far as whether ISU's policies regarding background checks for athletes would be reviewed.

"In light of recent developments, we are reviewing our policies," Roerig said when reached on Saturday.

Todd Aaron Golden has been Sports Editor and Indiana State beat writer since September 2004. Born in Milwaukee but an Indiana resident most of his adult life, he previously worked in Jeffersonville, Columbus and Eau Claire, Wis.