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Travis Chesshir, former coordinator of safety/security for the Vigo County School Corp., has been banned from certain areas of the Terre Haute Police Department for an "alleged battery" on a city police officer that took place at the Fraternal Order of Police on May 1.


Travis Chesshir, the Vigo County School Corp.'s coordinator of safety and security, resigned from that position Monday.

Greetings fellow bridge enthusiasts of the Wabash Valley. A strong field of 36 players competed in the Jan. 12 evening Terre Haute/Paris Virtual Club Game.

Indiana Audubon officially welcomed the town of Terre Haute as the 15th member on its list of Bird Towns this past week. Terre Haute with the help of the Wabash Valley Audubon joins the group of Indiana cities welcoming birders from all over.

No proof that there’s no fraud

I find it both disingenuous and Orwellian that on Nov. 20, 2020, the local publication has the gumption, the ineptitude to sell this CNN line, when we know that a server in Germany has been raided and secured by the USA military belonging to Dominion and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and offices in Denver.