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This summer has tested my patience as far as the Eastern Cottontail is concerned; they’ve invaded my property in record numbers. I have never seen so many rabbits short of a show at the fairgrounds, not even in my more innocent Warner Brothers days.

Many wild animals are born during the spring and summer months. People often think when they come across a young baby animal without its mother, it is orphaned. Often trying to help the young animal, a person will “rescue” it. Just because someone finds a young animal alone doesn’t mean it is an orphan. Often, parents leave their young alone during the day but usually the mother is nearby. Even though a baby may seem vulnerable, many young can fend for themselves.

Rabbits. Rabbits! They're hopping all over New England, my yard included. They need to eat and, being rabbits, have lots of mouths to feed. What more could a rabbit want than a fresh head of cabbage, organically grown by my calloused hands?

Winter can be a busy time for coyotes, and state biologists say people can expect to see more of them in the coming months but should not be alarmed.