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Harvest, a 1-year-old domestic long hair Tabby, loves to put his paws around your neck to kiss and nuzzle. He is also a lap cat who’s content to lie on his back while you rub his neck and ears. He loves to play with string. He gets along with other c

Sassy Pants is a 7-year-old domestic long hair dilute Tabico taken in as an injured stray on June 26. This gentle lady loves being held, even cradled, and of course petted. Her adoption fee is $40. To meet her call the Clay County Humane Shelter in Brazil at 812-446-5126.

Cooler, a mixed breed, about 3 months, is energetic and playful. He's anxious for attention, whether that's play time or snuggle time. He also sits attentively at his kennel gate, waiting for someone to enter the puppy room. His adoption fee at the Clay County Humane Shelter in Brazil is $250. Call 812-446-5126.

Giselle is a 4-year-old domestic short hair taken in as an emaciated stray on May 4, 2021. She'll fare best in a quiet, low key home. Her adoption fee is $70.

Several evenings a week, the neighbors in our cul-de-sac gather with their dogs in the driveway across the street from us.

Pets are wonderful companions, but for some, having a pet is next to impossible because of allergies. According to studies, 15% of the population is allergic to either cats or dogs — or both. Even though one third of Americans (about 2 million people) are allergic to cats, they have at least one in their home anyway. Most people believe the benefits of owning a pet outweigh the difficulties of allergies.

It’s that time of year again when fleas and ticks are most bothersome. They hike a ride into your home via your pet — or your clothes. Although you don’t notice the pesky bugs right away, soon fleas begin to lay eggs on your pet, which eventually end up in your carpets and on your furniture.