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"It is a gray day amid a gray week in what has become a gray winter. Just a few days ago, the monotony of it all broke for a single Sunday, and with temperatures in the 50s and a bright sun radiant in a blue sky, I walked and walked until I could walk no more."

Don’t let politics cloud happiness

I read the letters column on Jan. 16 that had the letter from Shirley Thomas and I must say that I felt sorry for her. Anyone who lives with so much hate has to be miserable. I would think that she has a hard time finding a happy day. She is infected with so much hate of Donald Trump that I am sure she is probably avoided by many acquaintances, friends and family. It is a shame, that she lets someone or something have such a hold on her life.

A road trip with the kids doesn't have to be stressful or dull, experts say.