Get off Duke’s back and give him credit

The Sunday, Nov. 11, Tribune-Star editorial gave us another big dose of your unbiased straight down the middle thought.

I counted five references to Duke Bennett’s win being described as: “If Duke Bennett’s mayoral win holds through the recount …”; “if Bennett wins …”; “his still-unofficial victory …”; “… should Bennett win …”; “the presumed mayor-elect …”.

There were two references to the margin of victory. The T-S feels the need to discount the win twice (“just over 100 votes” and “49.9999 percent agreed with us and 51.1111 percent didn’t”) in a five-minute read?

The T-S blames angry Democrats, those backstabbing police and fire unions, that Selliken guy and Eva Kor for last Tuesday’s outcome.

Two paragraphs included cheap shots about Terry Modesitt from an election a year ago.

Fifteen out of 16 paragraphs were devoted to insulting or demeaning or being disrespectful to Duke Bennett.

Duke Bennett runs for mayor in a town that would normally just about vote for a goat if the goat was a Democrat and he wins. Get off Duke’s case and give him some credit. A Republican in City Hall is the best thing for that sleazy place.

I did read the disclaimer at the top of the page saying who is responsible for the editorials. This one has the assistant editor’s fingerprints on it.

I spend 50 cents a day to read the local sports and to see what load of dung Stephanie Salter writes and stories she permits. Please make a better effort at having a more sensible newspaper.

— Steve Trego

Paris, Ill.

Generous assist with service project

The high school and middle school youth from St. Ann, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and St. Benedict Churches participated in an annual service project, Trick or Treat for the Poor, that will help feed the hungry in our community.

We are grateful to Bemis, Inc. for donating bags that we placed on door knobs throughout the community. Many thanks to all who so generously filled them with food. Thanks also to the youth and adults who made this project possible.

The food will go to St. Benedict Thanksgiving baskets, the Table of the Shepherd Food Pantry, and St. Ann’s monthly food baskets.

— Janet Roth

Terre Haute

Thanks to council for funding efforts

The Honey Creek Fire Protection District and Honey Creek Department would like to extend gratitude to the Vigo County Council and the council’s budget committee for their hard work, cooperation and assistance.

As it has been reported, the Fire Protection District is seeking additional funding to allow for the hiring of nine additional full-time firefighters. These new firefighters will allow the Honey Creek Fire Department to add a third-shift, eliminating the current 84-hour average work week that our firefighters work and, ultimately, will improve fire and rescue services provided to our residents.

Unfortunately, due to a determination made by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, the County Council was not able to approve all of the funding needed to add a full third-shift. Contrary to the Tribune-Star’s Oct. 24 report, the determination that prevented the County Council’s approval of the necessary funds was made by the Department of Local Government Finance, not the County Council.

While the Fire District does not yet have all of the funding it needs to add the much need additional personnel, the County Council’s cooperation and assistance will certainly improve fire and rescue services provided to the residents of Honey Creek Fire Protection District.

The Vigo County Council, under President Darrick Scott’s leadership, worked very closely with representatives of the Honey Creek Fire Protection District and the Honey Creek Fire Department during the entire 2008 budget process, and that is appreciated. We look forward to the County Council’s future cooperation and improvement of fire and rescue services.

— Joseph M. Shackleford

Board chairman

Honey Creek Fire Protection District

Terre Haute

In praise of our crossing guards

I am writing this letter to praise a group of unsung heroes. We all know about heroes that rush into fires to save our lives, that protect our city streets, that save our lives from illness or injury, and that fight for our freedom. Yet what about the ones who protect our children every morning and afternoon?

The crossing guards — they are there every day in the rain or shine, blistering heat, or bitter cold to make sure our children get to school safe. I just want to take a minute to thank them. I live near a couple very busy roads here in Terre Haute, and worry about my children crossing those roads. Yet my mind is put to ease with these crossing guards in place.

Thank you for your commitment to our community’s youngest citizens.

— Janice Tighe

Terre Haute

ISU recycling area is a public service

The community of Terre Haute owes Indiana State University a sincere thank you for establishing a public recycling area near downtown.

It is an area that is well maintained and extremely user-friendly. It takes less than five minutes to place the recyclables in the various open containers; therefore, making the trip to this place an easy endeavor and an encouragement to continue to recycle. The service should not go unnoticed and should have more publicity to bring more citizens of the Terre Haute community into the recycling mode.

As shown for years, it only takes a little encouragement toward services such as this to have the people of Terre Haute respond enthusiastically.

— Margaret “Peg” Fischer


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