I would like to start off by saying that I am a longtime Republican who at a very young age put a “Barry Goldwater for President” sign in my front yard. I think I am still in the will. This year I am going to vote for Mr. Burke. I feel that this man is making the right moves in moving Terre Haute forward. I voted for Mr. Bennett in the last mayor’s election, but he has given me little reason to vote for him in this year’s election. Mr. Bennett even gave our current mayor a “B” grade. From where I come from that is not bad and even more reason to vote for Mr. Burke. My son who just graduated from college (out of town) has even come back to Terre Haute to look for a job. He has seen the changes that Mayor Burke has made and feels that Terre Haute is moving in a direction that will entice more college graduates to stay in Terre Haute.

So on Tuesday, vote with your eyes and not with misinformation. Vote for Burke.

— Brian Thomas

Terre Haute

Editor’s Note: This is a Web-only letter — concerning the 2007 general election — that was received via e-mail after 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2, when letters space had already filled for the Tribune-Star’s print edition through Monday, Nov. 5.

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