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What’s with all the censorship? 

Am I the only reader of this paper that believes that the news media, including this paper, is one-sided and censors the news? From day one the news media has called Trump a racist and a liar. Why do they never call Biden a liar and a racist? His blatant lies and vile racist remarks are easy to find. You can see them come right out of his mouth. So why are you not reading about them in this paper?

Biden’s first executive order cost over 8,000 union jobs paying $100,000 a year. Censored. Thousands of good-paying jobs will be lost in the oil industry by Biden’s actions. Censored. They say they are going to be replaced by green energy jobs, but where are they? Wouldn’t the smart thing to do is wait until those jobs are in place before shutting down all the good-paying jobs? Because of natural gas America had the cleanest environment on the planet last year. Again censored by the news media.

The day Biden was sworn into office Antifa, a far-left radical group Biden called an idea, was rioting and destroying the city of Portland shouting “F*** Biden,” again censored. They said they want everything free or they will keep on burning and looting our cities — censored. They also marched in Washington, D.C., Feb. 8, saying they would burn the city down if they didn’t get their way. Again censored. Why do I have to go to social media to get anything that resembles the truth? I don’t believe everything I hear there, either, but when you see the words coming out of their mouths, it is hard to dismiss.

Almost half the country voted for Trump but almost all of the news media is anti-Trump. They call for unity while calling 75 million people maggots, deplorables, racists, haters and on and on. In communist countries the news media only print what they want you to hear. Now read and listen to the news media in this country and tell me what the difference between them and us is. The only thing we have left for now is the opinion column, but for how long? This should scare 100 percent of Americans. 

Let’s just all pray now that seniors like me will be able to survive $4-a-gallon gas prices and everything else that high oil prices affect. It’s all for your own good, they will tell you. Sad thing is, some of you will believe them.

— Gary Smith, Terre Haute

Politics aside, end the death penalty

Indiana put in a express lane to execute people. A few years ago in Indiana, federal death penalty prosecutors were accusing one another of hiding and destroying evidence to put people on death row. 

After this happened in the summer of 2020, a man laying on the execution table said he didn’t murder anyone. Whistleblower Whitehurst in the ‘90s came out on how the government was using bogus evidence from the crime lab to convict people. 

It’s a system that is out to destroy anyone it targets at all cost, so a lot of innocent people have records. Every political leader in America should be demanding an end to the death penalty.

— James Yakym, Mishawaka

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