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Do as we say, not …: Recently, I caught a news item on an out-of-state radio station which alluded to the growing problem of teenage addiction to gambling in that state. Guess what the next item was? That’s right, the winning lottery numbers! — Mark Burns, Terre Haute

* * *

Selling out: Are we selling the United States to the highest bidder. It appears so. The government wants to allow foreign companies to run out seaports. The governor of Indiana thinks it’s a good idea for a foreign business to run our toll roads. Did you know that a foreign company controls all the fresh drinking water in 23 states, including Indiana? Already Terre Haute has contracted out our sewer billing to a foreign-owned business. It’s probably just a matter of time before someone comes up with the ideal of contracting out our schools, police departments, etc. — Fred Roberts, Terre Haute

* * *

Cat killer on the loose: I am sitting here in my home after burying our family’s pet cat. He was shot on our property by some stupid person who likes killing for no reason other than killing. This is the fourth cat we have had killed this winter. There seems to be a person that is around the Vigo County Industrial Park who thinks killing pets in fun. The cat was very much a pet my wife would let into the house and he would go to the couch and wait for her to put a towel down before hopping up to have his ears rubbed. So, if you hear of somebody talking about killing a cat on Feb. 14 or 15, know that he killed a family pet. Call the sheriff, because who knows what he may decide it would be fun to kill next. — Tim

Certain, Terre Haute

* * *

Such a crime: I’ve been hearing about some robberies at different places here in town. I really think it’s terrible that people steal money. Why don’t they go out and get a job? — Martha Silverman, Terre Haute

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