What are facts to back up claims?

I have some questions for Earl Beal regarding his latest letter to the Opinion page on July 5.

Mr. Beal, you imply that an ex-bartender should not hold office. Why not?

You also state that AOC’s (U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York) credibility matches that of a sixth-grader. On what do you base this statement? Are you at all aware of her full education?

I agree with you about the CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) being overwhelmed by this “illegal immigrant” invasion (I’ll overlook the fact that it’s not illegal if they’re seeking asylum), so I’ll give you that point, but neither that nor your statements about Congress relate to your statements about AOC.

You say that she hasn’t a factual clue about her assertions. What factual clues do you have that she is lying (as you claim)? How do you know that she is lying unless you have facts yourself? What are your sources (I think I have an idea).

I won’t comment on your misuse of “profusely,” and “unequivocally,” nor will I ask you what mean by “New York twerp.”

It’s good that you are able to determine for New Yorkers that you do not approve of someone they’ve elected to represent their own state.

For the record, at this point, I have no favorite among the Democratic candidates. It’s much too soon for me. My purpose in writing this letter is to point out the faulty logic and lack of documentation in yours.

I’ll be interested to see your answers to these questions.

— Judy Dukes, Terre Haute

Take action to close the camps

It is unacceptable that there are thousands of children and families suffering right now in immigrant detention. Children are denied soap and toothbrushes, crowded into unsafe conditions, and are going hungry because they are not provided enough food to eat. Separated from their families, they are subject to cruel and inhumane treatment that leads to lasting traumas. And some are dying in custody — or dying with parents as they cross the Rio Grande.

These conditions are the product of the Trump administration’s cruel agenda to terrorize immigrant communities, criminalize migration, and dismantle our asylum laws.

Close the Camps protests are happening across the country to declare that members of Congress must use all of their power to stop the atrocities now.

Here are three clear ways we request you to act:

• Close the camps.

• Not one dollar for family detention and deportation.

• Bear witness, reunite families.

First, to close the camps, you must end the zero-tolerance policy. This is the crucial Department of Justice directive used as justification for family separation and the massive increase in immigrants held in detention. Also, remember that your powers are not limited to passing legislation. As a member of Congress, you have a large microphone and can leverage your power to pressure the Trump administration to act.

Second, stop funding family for detention and deportation. Kids and families do not belong in cages, and immigrants strengthen, not harm our society.

It is on all of us to act.

— Victoria Kaplan, On behalf of the team at MoveOn.org


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