School district providing support 

Vigo County School Corp. has worked hard to take a proactive approach in meeting student needs and providing services to all students. Research has shown that student well-being is of significant concern. 

According to the Indiana Youth Institute Data Book, Indiana ranks second out of 34 states in the percentage of students who made a suicide plan and ranks third out of 36 states in the percentage of students who seriously considered attempting suicide. As mental health needs have become more apparent, the corporation has hired more full-time school counselors, success coaches, and SPO officers to best support the student population. 

Vigo County School Corp. now has 43 school counselors, 22 success coaches, and 65 SPO officers. School counselors are able to provide classroom lessons, state-mandated programming for students and staff, individual counseling, and group counseling; success coaches are able to work individually and in groups to help students improve behavior, which leads to academic growth; and SPO officers are able to work to ensure safety and security in each school building. 

Not only has the need for additional personnel been considered, the corporation has also addressed the need to further educate and train staff. Professional development opportunities offered to staff have consisted of suicide prevention, trauma-informed schools, social-emotional learning, mental health first aid, and the ASCA National Model. As a result of the training, school personnel have received tools and strategies to provide more effective services for students. 

Vigo County School Corp. has demonstrated an understanding of the importance of supporting students with supplemental staff and knowledge.

— Shea Madden, Terre Haute

Medical clinic is community asset

Terre Haute continues to amaze me. 

On Saturday evening (Aug. 24), my wife convinced me to visit the architecturally beautiful Landsbaum Center located near Union Hospital to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Mollie R. Wheat Memorial Clinic. 

The stated mission of the student outreach clinic is “to expand access to basic medical screenings for underserved and underinsured and to provide professional students from multiple disciplines with learning experiences in a clinical setting.” 

The clinic is run by a collaborative group of students from the Indiana University School of Medicine at the Terre Haute campus as well as various departments of Indiana State University.

The clinic provides Wabash Valley residents access to 100% free health care. I repeat — the basic medical screening services provided by the clinic are 100% free — amazing. 

I write to thank Indiana University, Indiana State University, the medical/professional students, physicians and the clinic’s board or directors for providing a much needed community outreach effort to Wabash Valley’s underserved and underinsured. 

I encourage you to discover the Molly R. Wheat Memorial Clinic and support these dedicated young students — the clinic is a true community asset.

— Allen D. Varner, Terre Haute


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