Misguided agenda from progressives

Progress is good. Change isn’t always so. Progressives have an agenda for change that is best described as misguided. This is often an attempt to make people more comfortable yet this always comes at the cost of freedom. That is essentially the agenda of the left, to buy votes with promises of a larger and larger welfare state. The problem is, this will eventually collapse and we will go the way of all the previous failed socialist states.

This is a unique and great country founded on the idea, from the start, of freedom and limited government. We must also recognize that freedom is not anarchy but it allows for success like no other system. This freedom also means some will not be successful. Public and private charity has to be there to aid those individuals. However the current welfare state is too draining and stifling. The biggest responsibility is to level the playing field for and stay out of the way of individual success. Most every political question can come down a choice between equality of opportunity or equality of outcome. This nation was founded on, and should continue to stand for, equality of opportunity.

This country has eliminated institutional racism through the civil rights movement of the ‘60s and continuing through today. Unfortunately there are still a few racist groups and individuals. Some of these are white supremacist organizations. We have to be worried about leftist groups of various types like the anti-First Amendment group Antifa as well though.

As mentioned, isolated racists do remain in this country. We are a nation of immigrants. The vast majority of the population supports immigration. This majority also realize that illegal immigration is a serious issue that has to be stopped. We have laws that make it illegal to hire illegal aliens. This needs to be enforced more uniformly. Many problems are caused by far too many illegal immigrants gaining far too much access to government benefits which also needs to be addressed.

We have come far in building a better country. The quest for civil rights and equality in the ‘60s has had the unintended consequence of breaking down the family though. Free love, promiscuity and single parenthood followed the footsteps of the civil rights movement. All the evidence points to the benefits of two-parent households and the detrimental effect single parenthood has had on our society. To help eliminate poverty and empty the prisons we need to return sex to within the confines of marriage, have families, raise children and teach the value of hard work, morality and ethics to those children.

We have a responsibility to our children to leave this world a better place. To do that, we need to trim government. There is a need reduce the burdensome regulatory regime that has built up over time. The realization is growing and need to continue that the only climate crisis the world faces is that the climate alarmists have corrupted too many in government and the media into believing their false narrative. Thank goodness the science is showing that things are not nearly so dire.

To wrap up, here are a few other thoughts. Something that the left simply refuses to accept is that opposition to their policy positions does not automatically make someone a racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigot. Let’s discuss ideas instead of trading insults. Finally, the police are on the side of good. They put themselves at risk to protect the citizenry from those who would do harm. They then deserve our support, thanks and respect.

— Dwayne Owens, Terre Haute

Save America from socialism

Letter writer Shirley Thomas finally said something I can agree with. Yes, you must vote to save our nation for future generations. Save it from the socialists who have taken over leadership of the Democratic Party. All the 20-something potential presidential candidates for 2020 proudly proclaim their socialism as each tries to out-do the other. Free medical care for all including illegal Immigrants, guaranteed income for even those who are able but will not work, free higher education for all including illegals, no borders, let everyone in the world in, on and on.

They would completely destroy our culture. 

People who believe in this sort of thing have not studied the history of the first colony in America which was founded socialist and its disastrous outcome which led to our present form of government. Also Denmark, which the leftists like to champion as an excellent example of socialism, has been in turmoil for years and the government just fell over its inability to support all its free stuff.

Ms. Thomas makes the most absurd, irrational statements but never backs them up. I am still waiting for the proof of President Trump’s treason, which she proclaimed, or the apology. Now she says that the Russians helped manipulate the Electoral College to help President Trump win, again with no proof. Did you not give the proof to the Mueller investigation, Ms. Thomas? Absolutely loony. 

There is proof the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians to try to defeat candidate Trump then to try to overthrow a duly elected president but that was OK, right Ms. Thomas? Because that involved the Democrats and a Clinton.

President Trump is not a racist and there is no evidence of it. He has the highest rate of employment in history for some and since WWII for others and has increased the income for most workers of all races. And there is absolutely no basis for Ms. Thomas claiming he wants to become a dictator and for life. 

Again, post your proof. He has returned manufacturing to the USA which President Obama sneered about when candidate Trump said he would do so.

Yes, people, vote to save our nation for future generations from the socialists.

— Walt Conner, Robinson, Ill.


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