Make a change with Pat Goodwin

The City of Terre Haute is in dire need of visionary leadership. A person that is capable of preparing our city for the future and delivering citywide improvement is Pat Goodwin.

Pat has strong leadership skills as demonstrated through his involvement with city government for over a 10-year period.

I have known Pat for over 15 years. We initially met when I worked for facilities operations at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Pat had the opportunity to work with us and serve his alma mater in a temporary capacity operating as a consultant for several ongoing campus projects.

Working with Pat during this time enabled me to get to know him on a professional level as well as personal.

I learned several things about Pat during this time — more by his actions than through his words. I could tell that family meant a lot to him. His office was adorned with refrigerator art supplied by his children. I could tell that his alma mater meant a lot to him as he volunteered his time on campus to assist one of our math professors with numerous math competitions we hosted throughout the academic year.

I was able to get to know Pat’s wife, Marti, during this time as well. Both of her parents taught me at Sarah Scott Middle School. I thought the world of the Livengoods. Pat and Marti were both raised with excellent values and truly know and understand what counts in this world.

To my knowledge, Pat Goodwin is the only mayoral candidate who has hosted forums for the community to discuss items of importance. With each forum he hosted, he did his due diligence with research and facts. Pat is every bit as concerned about our city as we are and is taking a proactive and positive stance in dealing with community issues.

Terre Haute has some serious civic issues needing to be addressed before a new convention center and a possible casino open their doors. Instead of focusing time, money and attention to special interest groups, Pat will ensure that these new additions generate positive impact for all of us in Terre Haute.

Pat will also tackle urban blight. We have allowed our urban areas to decay in front of our eyes. It used to be that by this time of year, neglected properties were dealt with and their owners held accountable for their appearance. During an election year, for some reason, we aren’t holding anyone accountable.

This seems to be the status quo during election time. The citizens of Terre Haute deserve better. Don’t we?

Come Tuesday, Nov. 5, we will have the opportunity to have real change in Terre Haute. This change begins with Pat Goodwin as our mayor.

— Elaine Lee, Terre Haute


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