Listen to others on climate debate

More than 500 prominent scientists from around the world, including an MIT distinguished climate scientist, have urged the UN in a letter to Secretary General Guterres to depoliticize the climate issue and listen to scientific views at odds with the supposed consensus.

Since there has been nothing about this in your paper, I would like to summarize it for readers.

The letter states that;

1) There is no emergency. There is no cause for panic or alarm.

2) The models of climate on which international policy is presently founded are unfit for the purpose. Warming is far less and slower than they predict. The world has warmed at less than one-half the predicted rate.

3) There is no evidence of intensifying or more frequent hurricanes, floods, droughts and similar natural disasters.

4) Current UN climate policies would squander trillions of dollars, undermine the economic system, deny affordable electric power to millions and put lives at risk. A principle aim of international policy should be to provide reliable and affordable energy at all times, throughout the world.

5) We urge the UN to follow a policy based on sound science, realistic economics and concern for those harmed by unnecessary attempts at mitigation. Climate science should be less political and climate politics should be more scientific.

6) We ask for a high-level meeting between world-class scientists on both sides of the climate debate so that both sides of this issue are fully and fairly heard.

An article that includes the text of the letter in its entirety can be seen at

— Thomas B. Tucker, Terre Haute

Goodwin the best candidate

Pat Goodwin is the best candidate running for mayor of Terre Haute. Our family has known him for quite some time. I got to know him better as we served on the Collett Park Neighborhood Association board together. He was our also president and knows how to run a meeting in an organized manner and is fair-minded to include various points of view. Marty and their children were always involved with our functions and made a wonderful addition to the group.

He knows Terre Haute from many aspects, having been a city engineer with a degree from Rose-Hulman and a small business owner. He will help our citizens and city move forward in a respectful and organized fashion with no smoke and mirrors. 

I encourage you to vote for Pat and work with him to change our city. Let’s put our entire community first so that we can grow and enjoy a better lifestyle, right here in Terre Haute, Indiana. There’s no better candidate for mayor than Pat Goodwin.

— Anna Lee Chalos-McAleese, Terre Haute


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