Great care from local professionals

Last month I experienced a dangerous and totally unexpected medical condition which resulted in me receiving much needed assistance from Terre Haute’s Union Hospital. Things were literally “touch and go” for me on August 19, and the very competent staff of physicians and other hospital personnel there were truly remarkable in their care and concern for me during my three-day stay in their Intensive Care Unit. For that I am deeply grateful. 

I came in daily contact with probably a dozen or more individuals who were committed to my eventual well-being; so many in fact that unfortunately most of their names have escaped me since then. However, I still would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Tony Nasser, Dr. Anand Bhuptani, Dr. Ricky Bhimani, and Dr. Vani Manyam for their speed and accuracy in diagnosing not only my condition but my subsequent treatment. 

A special thanks goes out to Dr. Christopher Schmidt and nursing assistant Traci, both of the Providence Medical Center, as initial conversations with them no doubt saved my life. I also wish to extend heartfelt thanks to Union ICU nurses Jennifer, Kerrie and Mackenzie, who looked after me there. 

And last but certainly not least, I can never repay the very special debt I owe to emergency room nurse Jenny Pupilli, for without her quick actions and those of another young nurse (for whom I sadly do not have a name) my critical condition would have unquestionably had a much different outcome. All of the staff at Union were unbelievably competent and courteous, I am just sorry I have no more individual names of those who deserve proper mentioning here.

In recent years, we all know the Wabash Valley has been full the natural varying of opinions as to the merits of local care versus that which could be received in Indianapolis. But for the record, let me be clear that I have no reservations about the capabilities of Union’s medical personnel since I have received their assistance first-hand. Yes, there may be higher and more specialized needs that might be better served in other locales, but for my experience count me firmly in the corner of this medical gem in Terre Haute.

— Phil Garrigus, Terre Haute

A vote for Vigo County’s schools

What does $53.16 buy?

• One tank (maybe more) of gasoline.

• One dinner out for two (perhaps).

• A singular oil change (sometimes).

• Less than a month of WiFi, cell phone, and cable service.

• One-half of what an Amazon Prime member spends per month on average for Amazon purchases and about the same as what a non-Amazon Prime member spends on average each month.

• One year of support for a stronger school system that benefits property values and the quality of life in Vigo County.

Vote yes for Vigo County Schools on Nov. 5. The $53.16 figure is the property tax increase a homeowner with a $100,000 home (roughly the median home value in Terre Haute) would have over a year as described on the Vigo County Schools referendum website.

— Joshua Powers, Terre Haute


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