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Should you work, or take handouts?

Today I went to the Meijer drive-through pharmacy, only to read a posted message that the drive-through was closed due to staff shortages. 

At 3:05 p.m. I tried to go through the East Wabash Starbucks drive-through only to be told that they closed at 3 p.m. due to staff shortages. 

Has it just become easier to panhandle than to hold down a job? I know of a fairly large family that consists of two healthy adults and a large number of children. The father has a Rose-Hulman degree but doesn’t work full time anywhere. The mother home schools but doesn’t work outside the home. They figured out a long time ago they would be dollars ahead by collecting monthly checks from the government and monthly food stamps. I’m sure more services are available to them. Now this same couple will blast the current government administration yet have their respective hands out monthly. 

Hypocrisy or good fiduciary planning? You be the judge.

My brother and I started working at the ages of 10 and 11 respectively by maintaining his paper route. We figured it out early if we didn’t work there would be no money. By the time we were legally allowed to work we bought our own cars, paid for our own insurance and maintenance. My car payments were never late nor was my insurance payments. In hindsight, I wish I was more involved in high school programs but never felt I had the choice. I paid for my own college, too, with the help of a couple of employers. 

My point is, I grew up believing that if you want something badly enough you will go to work for whatever financial goal you possessed. I grew up with a lie

— Elaine Lee, Terre Haute

Democrats are destroying nation

Pray for our country and our military members, they have been put in a more dangerous situation by the incompetence of the Biden administration, or whoever is making the decisions. Anyone in the military past or present will tell you when you want to leave somewhere you quietly start a drawdown of non-essential people out, people who helped you, their families, non-essential military equipment, start destroying records. 

After that you start withdrawing military personnel little by little. Military and embassy staff last. The idiots who decided to give up our largest base in Afghanistan and go into a large city with a small civilian/military airfield should all be held accountable for their decisions. Did we not learn from Vietnam? 

I heard Biden say this is Trump’s fault. This would not have happened like this on his watch. He had smarter people working for him and the world leaders never knew what he would do in any situation. It kept them under control. 

Now we are the laughing stock of the world, weaker in everyway, we have no Southern border, corrupt political leaders bent on destroying our nation. Will we survive as a nation? Not if the Democrats stay in office. Again, pray for our nation and our military.

— Janet Wood, Brazil

Academic freedom crucial on campus

As the autumn semester is now underway in Terre Haute’s institutions of higher learning, the importance of “academic freedom” cannot be overstressed.

It refers to allowing college faculty members wide latitude in how they choose to teach the subject-matter for which they have been duly prepared to teach while in graduate schools pursuing one or more degrees beyond their respective bachelors’ degrees; freedom to teach higher-education courses without any risk of administrative interference; a professor’s safeguard to remain true to one’s pedagogical commitment to “tell it like it is” with reference to one’s course subject matter in the classroom.

As a retired college professor who taught for 22 years at several colleges, this writer cannot mitigate the importance of college administrators supporting and upholding “academic freedom” for all of its faculty members.

— William Greenwell, Terre Haute

Do what it takes to protect kids

Polls indicate over 70% of the general population support masks in schools. No one wants a child to die, yet over 400 kids have already died of Covid.

Others who get it have lasting medical conditions that they may have the rest of their lives. Huge expenses for their families in terms of money and time away from work.

Kids are the future of a community. We must protect them. Car seats when they are in vehicles. Helmets when they ride bikes. Swim lessons so they won’t drown. Masks to keep the virus from infecting them.

Children under the age of 12 can’t be vaccinated yet. So the more adults in a community who get vaccinated helps to protect our youngsters. We don’t serve items with peanuts or cooked with peanut oil in schools to protect those students with peanut allergies.

The least we can do is require masks to protect all students from a deadly virus such as Covid.

— Pamela Farris, Rochelle, Ill.

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