More resources to quit smoking

There’s never been a better time to quit smoking. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw just how vulnerable our bodies can be, and doesn’t it make sense to do everything we can to prevent diseases from exploiting our weaknesses?

Smoking creates lung damage which makes it hard to recover when/if you are infected with the COVID-19 virus. Smoking also weakens your immune system. Smoking damages nearly every organ in the body.

The good news is, now there are more resources than ever to help people quit.

Many studies show that smokers who get sick with COVID-19 can become more seriously ill and have worse outcomes. Smokers with COVID-19 are more likely to go to the ICU, need a ventilator to help them breathe, and are more likely to die. Smoking increases the duration and severity of other viral infections as well.

Smoking damages the tiny hair-like cilia of the lungs, making them less able to sweep away dirt and mucous.

When the cilia can’t clean the lungs completely, the lungs are less able to fight infections. Smoking also weakens the immune system, creating more likelihood of getting sick and staying sick longer.

Even if you have been vaccinated, the lungs begin working better within the first few weeks of quitting smoking, the risk of heart attack goes down and the immune system begins to heal, improving the ability to fight other infections. The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous and begin almost immediately — within 20 minutes — of the last cigarette.

COVID-19 is most likely transmitted through close contact with a person while they are infectious or 24 hours before their symptoms appeared, or close contact with a person with a confirmed infection who coughs or sneezes. Coughing is a risk factor for the spread of COVID-19.

The irritation caused in the airways by inhaling tobacco means that people who smoke tend to cough more frequently than non-smokers.

Quit Now Indiana provides free quit services. Quitting tobacco will reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections.

You can quit your way, on your terms, at your pace. Life is too short.

Text READY to 200-400, or call 1.800.Quit.Now — today. If you have already COVID quit, use #ICOVIDQUIT on social media to share your story.

— Heather Ervin, Sullivan County Tobacco Prevention 

and Cessation Coordinator

Chances and Services for Youth

Be respectful of natural rights

I was glad to see the article “Mask Protest” in your paper.

Although I disagree with the words on the mask pictured, “This Mask Is Useless,” I do understand the protestor’s meaning. But every mask is a tally indicating to the elites how many Henny Pennys they have under their control. These Henny Pennys will soon be manning the CDC and local health departments assuming the sky has not completely fallen by then.

Sir Malthus did the dirty work for the king 200 years ago. Now there is a young lady, I’ll call her “Greta,” being led around by another young lady from a billionaire family, convincing other Henny Pennys the climate change is falling.

It is the right of citizens to demand their children not wear masks. Henny Penny moms also have a right to remove their children from public schools.

Please, let’s all be respectful of God-given natural rights.

— Ed Gluck, Terre Haute

What freedoms do we lose next?

In response to George Bakken’s letter of Aug. 19 in the Trib-Star:

Because you disagree with one or the other, what choices that Americans currently have will be the next that you say should be taken away? 

We rarely hear the fact that COVID, on a state, nation and worldwide level, is over 98% survivable. Getting the vaccine, and rolling the dice regarding its yet-to-be-seen long-term effects on the average immune system, I can say that, as of yet closing ones mind should not be one of those side-effects. 

Pick one, George. Getting the vaccine for a 98% survivable virus or abandoning thousands of Americans in a war zone to be maybe beheaded, thrown from a roof top or even burned alive in a cage. Either way, you are drinking the Kool-Aid regarding the freedoms you say others should have taken away. I fear that Afghanistan will not be 98% survivable for those thousands of Americans left behind. 

Our presidents best tool is playing one side of America against the other. No matter what the cost or validity.

— Jeffrey Aitken, Terre Haute

Column expressed frustration well

In response to Todd Aaron Golden’s column of Aug. 4, 2021: “Irritation high as a preventable COVID-19 wave affects sports again.”

I just want to say kudos to Mr. Golden for expressing so well the frustration we all are feeling now with the numbers of Covid-19 positives increasing weekly. It did not have to be this way. 

I can only hope that our children learn somehow to respect science more than rumor, as they will not learn it from the adults who are now risking their young children’s lives by refusing vaccination.

— Debra Butler, Terre Haute

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