Take a look at the NYT’s racist staffers

In a recent article on this page, Mary Beth Schneider suggested President Trump is anti-Semitic. Admittedly, Trump is many things: poonhound, boorish, buffoon, chameleon-like opportunist, shameless self-promoter, and intellectually lazy, to name but a few.

However, when it comes to anti-Semitism I see no hard evidence to support such a charge. A few months ago Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “Israel has never had a greater friend than President Trump.” Contrast his cordial confidence in Trump with the frosty discord that existed between our two nations during the Obama administration.

Conversely, I see ample evidence the New York Times, that bastion of left-wing-preening-self-righteous scribes, has harbored a blatant anti-Semite for years. Yet this fact does not seem to weigh on Ms. Schneider’s tender sensibilities or those of her progressive colleagues.

I’m referring to Tom Wright-Piersanti who has served as Senior Staff Editor at the Gray Lady for the past five years. Tommy spent the past decade lobbing racially charged tweets at Jews, Asians, Native Americans, and other minorities. After a conservative news outlet went public with Tommy’s vile history of racist comments he scurried to mass-delete his twitter tripe, insisting he is “deeply sorry.”

Too late, sport. Once it’s online it can never be completely erased and a perfunctory apology is no substitute for 10 years of bigoted tirades.

It’s telling that Wright-Piersanti has been the Times’ politics editor for five years without so much as a mild rebuke from his progressive colleagues in the newspaper industry. Were he a conservative, progressives would be screaming for his scalp and demanding the newspaper and its advertisers be boycotted until he was fired. But what do we hear from those paragons of virtue on the Left? Crickets.

A few years ago, Tommy tweeted that his New Year’s resolution was to be less anti-Semitic. “I was going to say ‘Crappy Jew Year,’ but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic. So… HAPPY Jew Year. You Jews.”

Another tweet was replete with a photo of a vehicle sporting a Menorah on the roof and Tommy’s comment, “Who called the Jew-police?”

Here’s one more disgusting example: “There are four indian (sic) guys with mohawks in this one class, and each one is a douche in his own awful way. I hate mohawk (sic) Indians.”

Of course those on the Left are pleading ignorance as they attempt to deflect criticism.

One conservative columnist noted Tommy’s tweets were particularly “ironic” given that the Times’ editorial board “lectured” President Trump on anti-Semitism in a recent editorial. Perhaps Mary Beth took her cue from the Times. It would appear liberal elites reserve their moral outrage only for Republicans. Nor should this surprise anyone since the Times, like this newspaper, is merely an extension of the Democrat Party.

It’s instructive to note that conservative writer, Kevin Williamson, was hired by The Atlantic and fired three days later for his pro-life stance regarding abortion. Yet Tommy remains secure in his position with the Times, receiving only a temporary demotion until this dustup dies a natural death due to benign neglect by leftists.

Nowadays the only groups which are fair game for Twitter chimps to deride are Christians and Jews. Had Tommy directed his bigoted remarks at Muslims even his buddies at the Times would be unable to save him.

Again, Tommy is not a lowly intern. He is politics editor and responsible for much of the news content that gets published. If he will say such disgusting things in public imagine what he will say in private while having a few drinks with his cronies. Is it any wonder Prime Minister Netanyahu receives such tepid coverage in the Times?

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham condemned Tommy’s repugnant tweets, saying she is “disgusted” by the racism displayed. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.), who is Jewish, has called for the journalist to be fired from his high level position. But don’t hold your breath. Tommy enjoys protected status because he happens to be a left-wing racist.

Moreover, Tommy is not the first openly bigoted person the Times has happily employed. Last year, the newspaper that progressives laud for its “objective” reporting, hired Sarah Jeong.

Here’s one of her tender tweets: “Dumb*ss f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

Objective indeed.

One wonders how many other bigots work at the Times and similar left-leaning newspapers. Perhaps Mary Beth should seek to investigate that matter rather than stooping to ad hominem smears while attempting to fathom President Trump’s foggy mind.

— Reggie McConnell, Terre Haute

Another great tennis season

The Terre Haute Junior Tennis Association recently completed its 34th summer offering free tennis lessons in the morning at Terre Haute North, Honey Creek and West Vigo; an afternoon clinic at Terre Haute North for advanced players; three USTA sanctioned tennis tournaments; and two team tennis travel matches against Jasper and Avon. We also offered clinics in Sullivan that met twice a week plus two Sullivan tournaments. 

In total, Sullivan saw more than 60 local players participating in THJTA clinics and tournaments. The THJTA delivered on our promise of partnering with a new elementary school by adding Riley Elementary School to our list of partner schools in the USTA’s NetGeneration Schools program. Between our partnerships with Riley and Meadows we had 78 players learn tennis right at their school. We will be looking to partner with another elementary school in the coming year. With 478 unique players participating in all of our programs, up from 390 a year ago, we are very proud of the many opportunities the THJTA provides for players to learn and enjoy the great game of tennis.

I am grateful for the work Dallas Kelsey does staffing our programs and organizing our sanctioned tournaments. With three Kelsey’s on staff this summer, we knew it would be a fun and productive summer. Braden Kelsey, Sydney Funkhouser and Sarah Wyrick were our morning program site directors at Terre Haute North, Honey Creek, and West Vigo. We are thankful for the leadership of our site directors.  

We would also like to thank our afternoon program instructors in Terre Haute and our Sullivan clinic instructors. Dallas Kelsey, Chris Strong, Jordan Kelsey, Maegan Flight, Erin Friedrich and Meredith Fenimore made up our Terre Haute staff and Hannah Russell, Jeff Lookebill and Jamie Dugan helped with clinics in Sullivan. We are very fortunate to have such an experienced and talented group of instructors.

The THJTA could not provide the tennis opportunities we do without community support. We greatly appreciate the donations we receive from our morning program families and from our letter campaign. These donations help us to pay for the staffing of our free morning programs. Our thanks and appreciation also goes to our major sponsors. For 2019, our tournament sponsors were Edward Jones, financial adviser Mark Metheny, CFP; Toyota of Terre Haute; and the Stadler family through the Mary Ann Stadler Memorial Endowment Fund. These sponsors help us to pay for tournament expenses and to keep our tournament prices as low as possible. We are also very thankful for the Union Health System and the Union Health Foundation expanding their sponsorships to include all three of our free morning program locations.

The THJTA always has summers full of drills, instruction and matches. This is why we are in business. For this past year, we have had to add award celebrations to our activity list. The THJTA received both the USTA Central Indiana Tennis Association’s and the USTA Midwest Section’s Community Tennis Association of the Year Awards. I received CITA’s Brad Holmes Award and the Midwest Section’s Cap Leighton Award. There are so many outstanding tennis programs and professionals in our district and in the five states that comprise the Midwest Section. To be recognized among this group is an amazing honor, and we gladly share it with all our players and supporters.

Thank you to the USTA for supporting our program and helping us to grow.

We give special thanks to the Hopkins, Bilyeu, Metheny and Kirk families. We could not ask for a more loyal group of supporters. This year marked the 15th year in a row Neil and Keshena Hunter brought a group from Plymouth to play in our last tournament. What a streak with so many great matches and kids. This is what summer tennis is all about. 

Lastly, thank you to the VCSC, the SWSC and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for making their tennis courts available for our program’s use. Best wishes for many exciting matches in the coming year.

— Wesley Kirk, President of THJTA, Terre Haute

An excellent reflection on life

The letter on Readers’ Forum by William Greenwell of Terre Haute was excellent — “Reflecting on life as one should live it.” 

I try to do just that. I’m age 94 and thank God for every day He has given me.

— Martha Stoelting, Terre Haute


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