NRA resistance makes no sense

We don’t need a law unless it works. 

One early fall morning in 1983, a woman who was high on something and fleeing from the police, raced her car westward — yes, westward — here in Terre Haute, on Ohio Boulevard toward Third Street. Two other women were driving legally north on Third, approaching Ohio. 

Yup! The fleeing woman hit them broadside and killed them both. 

Now, there were one-way signs on Ohio, and speed limits posted, but neither expression of traffic law kept the fleeing woman from killing two people. 

So let’s remove the speed limits and one-way signs on Ohio, because they didn’t prevent those deaths. Unless a law absolutely prevents every death, who needs it? 

That is exactly the argument the NRA and our president are using about any proposed gun law: no background check law would have prevented several recent specific deaths, so let’s not have any such law. Make sense to you?

— John Maierle, Terre Haute

Assault weapons should be banned

An open letter to 8th District Congressional Rep. Larry Bucshon:

it has been six months since Rep. Cicilline and Sen. Feinstein introduced the assault weapons ban bill in Congress. Over 190 members of the House have already signed on to the bill.

Since then, no action has been taken. Every day Americans are impacted by gun violence and yet, our elected representatives have failed to move an assault weapon ban forward. As your constituent, I urge you to consider the ramifications of inaction.

At the Gilroy Garlic Festival, the shooter used an assault rifle to murder three innocent Americans and injured 12 others.

At the El Paso Walmart, the shooter used an assault rifle to murder 20 Americans and injure more than 40 more.

At the Dayton nightclub, the shooter used an assault rifle to murder nine Americans and injure over a dozen more.

Your constituents need action. It has been 15 years since the expiration of the last assault weapons ban and our communities cannot wait any longer.

Will you add your name today to call on the House to pass an assault weapons ban?

— Deborah Sitarski, Terre Haute


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