Pool resources to save schools

Having worked both for the Indiana Department of Corrections and as a public school teacher, I believe that poet Joseph Malins described our local school referendum situation perfectly in his, “Ambulance Down in the Valley.”

In this insightful poem, a community has a problem with people continually falling off a cliff:

So the people said something would have to be done,

But their project did not at all tally;

Some said, “Put a fence ‘round the edge of the cliff,”

Some, “An ambulance down in the valley.”

Then an old sage remarked: “It’s a marvel to me

That people give far more attention

To repairing results than to stopping the cause,

When they’d much better aim at prevention.”

On November 5, voters will be asked to vote yes or no to having their property taxes raised to help our schools. That’s a scary proposition to an already-strapped community. However, when I heard the superintendent of the Vigo County School Corp. articulately lay out the proposal at one of his many informational meetings, I learned that a home valued at $100,000 would have a tax increase of about $4.50 a month, the price of a “coffee shop” cup of coffee.

One man told me, “I don’t even have kids in the schools. Why should I pay for them?”

There are thousands of library books I’ll never read, courtrooms I’ll never visit, and roads I’ll never travel; and I hope like crazy that I will never need police officers or firefighters, but I am happy to pay my share for those who do use those byways and services.

We will always need jails, drug programs, and food and housing assistance, but my experiences tell me that if we pool our resources at the top of the cliff, we will need far less metaphorical ambulances.

Vote “yes” to question number two on November 5.

— Jane Tennis, Terre Haute

In defense of the ‘Beto Special’ ad

I am replying to the “Beto Special” AR-15 gun ad from Top Guns turmoil.

When I first saw the Top Gun ad I thought it was a legitimate response to a presidential candidate that has no respect for the Second Amendment and brazenly proclaims “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15.”

Why don’t you, Max Jones, stand up for our Second Amendment rights. You stated there was no violation of law, but you went further because you injected your paper content standard was violated. What a joke. As always you insert your liberal double-standard into the issue. Almost daily your paper’s editorial page contains insulting slurs of President Trump and the conservative party. Frequently your editorials quote other liberal cities’ papers who do the same insulting, demeaning, snarky attitudes.

Max Jones (and staff), you are a whitewashed hypocrite who does not represent both sides of an issue. Why can’t your editorial page be fair and balanced? We only have one newspaper in Terre Haute and it should cover both sides.

I am sick and tired of your very frequent publishing of slurring, insulting rants of Shirley Thomas, John Garner and Saul Rosenthal (maybe they are also on your editorial staff).

“Beto” openly stated he wanted to deny our Second Amendment rights and take away our guns. Maybe you could have defended our rights by pointing out that the constitutional writers knew full well that the powers given to our government could be misused resulting in imposing tyranny against the citizens of our nation. That is why they wrote the Second Amendment, giving us the right and the weapons we need to oppose the government when they tyrannize their people. Why don’t you represent that fact in your editorials?

Don’t you think that the IRS imposed tyranny on American citizens when they denied legal deductions and investigated returns of those who were Republican, conservative or religious? (Some were also punished for their actions and beliefs). You don’t think that was tyranny? Who got punished for that constitutional violation? No one.

Within the last four years, the FBI and intelligence departments violated their power and trust put in them by the people. They unlawfully spied on innocent U.S. citizens, spied on opposing (Republican) presidential candidates and their campaigns, and after the election of 2016 continued to spy and conspire against a duly elected President of the United States in an attempt (continuing today) to impeach him and remove him from office. The election was won fairly and honestly held and yet still those in political and law enforcement and intelligence positions are trying to deny the will of the American people and remove him from office. 

Is this not tyranny? And now you are siding with those politicians who openly state they want to take away our guns. Wake up and realize what is happening and how our system of democracy is being challenged.

I already have enough firearms to protect myself and my constitutional rights, but I don’t have an AR-15, but you know what? I am going to buy a “Beto Special” AR-15 and plenty of ammunition from Top Guns in response to your opposition and overreaction to a legal advertisement in your paper.

Lastly, I want to commend Michael Wilson for his letter on Sept. 22 in the Readers’ Forum. And to Marc Lorey and Walt Conner in the opinion column on Sept. 25. I would like to encourage others to stand up to your lopsided liberal coverage and sound off to let people know there are more of us who are like-minded out there. 

— Jerry Goff, Terre Haute

Hope again for Terre Haute

I cannot tell you who to vote for, but let me show you what my ballot is going to look like. This is a statement I remember from my youth while growing up in a politically active family. It is more about helping inform voters and getting them engaged in conversation and the community. Helping friends, family and neighbors know that their voice is important and that it is being heard.

From the current list of candidates, I am hearing similar rhetoric from both parties and I do not feel I have been given a viable choice from either. The Republican and Democrat candidates seem to echo each other. Almost as if they each say it in a different tone it will be different. I find that Pat Goodwin, the independent, brings forth the best qualities from both perspectives. I find him a fiscal conservative that is passionate about each person’s civil liberties. Pat’s character also illustrates that the ideology of, “That’s how it has always been done,” and, “Let it be someone else’s headache,” are not valid responses to his future constituents. I also find these two catchphrases to be extremely out of date.

Pat is not trying to reinvent the wheel. Over the last 21-24 months, Pat has done his best to hear from all people, educate voters on multiple issues within our community, and educate voters on where to find information that is important to them so that they can come up with their conclusions to the information that is available. I honestly feel that Pat wants to hear from all people so that he can lead with our whole community in mind. Every personal contact Pat Goodwin makes is one more valued perspective that helps our community become stronger and more efficient.

Personally, I have not felt more empowered and proud of any single candidate as I do about Pat Goodwin. I feel that there is hope again for Terre Haute and Vigo County with Pat as our mayor.

— Brady Kearns, Terre Haute 

City needs Elliott on City Council

I try to avoid political involvement; but I will make an exception to support Earl Elliott for City Council. Earl has worked with both political parties and our mayor to move our community forward, while maintaining transparent fiscal responsibility and accuracy and reducing debt and “borrowing.”

Earl is honest, is an expert accountant, and he fully understands our vision to improve our community for everyone. He works for the city of Terre Haute, and will continue to work well with other council members and mayor regardless of who is selected in the election. His vision is one of a progressive and successful Terre Haute and Wabash Valley.

Earl has successfully led our city toward a balanced budget while reducing city borrowing. He is highly qualified, honest, listens to others, and works for the long-term improvement of our community.

Our community has everything to offer to any businesses looking for a location. Fortunately we finally have a vision for the future of our great city, and leaders in and out of political office are working toward that vision. Our greatest need is a trained workforce, but that has been recognized and is being addressed thanks to folks like Earl Elliott and other progressive community leaders.

This election you will find Earl on the Democratic ballot. Earl works with Republicans, Democrats and Independents, so when he says, “See you in Terre Haute,” Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley will be the best that it can be.

We need people like Earl Elliott on our City Council. Please vote for Earl.

— Gary Schomer, Terre Haute


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