Caution about open classroom

The open classroom at ISU which was featured in an article of the Tribune-Star is impressive and appealing. I am sure many look forward to its use. 

However, may I note a few words of caution. This may not be the best environment for learning, particularly for individuals with hearing problems. This design is very pleasant for people to relax, wait for someone, have a cup coffee, and enjoy the scenery with soft music in the background; however, but to many individuals it can be a nightmare and detrimental to their learning. 

The university will need to be prepared to spend additional funds to address acoustical deficits (and many of these corrections may not add to the visual aesthetics). As a former professor and chair of communication disorders and a person with total deafness in one ear since junior high school, I have experienced many of these problems. Unless the communicative partner (including professionals) is aware, the person with this hearing problem may not even be conscious of the problem or adjustments needed. 

I strongly suggest a consultation with the architect and an audiologist as to design and alternatives to enhance learning within this environment (e.g. acoustic treatment of areas or listening areas). Students and incoming students should be counseled and aware of this problem and how they can accommodate for it. 

— Raymond Quist, Terre Haute 

Appreciation for caring help

While dining at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in Terre Haute on Tuesday, Nov. 19, I had a seizure-like event happen.

The staff at Cheddar’s kicked into full help mode and did all that they could do to help. Not only were they very professional but they were also very caring and loving to me and the people that were with me. I unfortunately do not remember the man or the woman’s name to thank them personally but I hope you know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Amy Mitchel, Terre Haute


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