Goodwin has skills to lead

It comes as no surprise to me that the mayoral candidate who has consistently stepped up with ideas that are workable and will make Terre Haute and Vigo County a better place is Pat Goodwin. Need to know what people who care about this place really think? Call a town meeting, or better yet, many town meetings on topics that directly impact who we are now, and who we might become. Pat does it. He listens carefully, moderates among those present, and comes back with plans that address concerns, but also the creative, forward-looking ideas. 

For Pat, it’s not about the exercise in politics, it’s about finding the way forward, together. It is exciting to hear from constituents what we could be, with the right leadership.

Care about the condition of this town, for those who live here, and those who may wish to relocate here? Pat does, and he shows it personally, every weekend, on the streets with neighbors and family with trash bags, conversation and good ideas. Care about the abysmal condition of roads and streets that are the result of lack of long-term planning? Pat does. As an engineer with previous experience in city government, he already engaged in the type of long-term project planning that got things done, and you can trust him to bring that knowledge, expertise, and commitment to the mayor’s office.

Do you think about the on-going projects that will affect the tax basis of this community for decades? Pat does, and recently suggested, again, that a large, costly jail placed far from the center of town makes no sense financially, nor logistically. Do you think the arms of government could do a better job coordinating, working together, being transparent, rather than planning independently so they are actually competing with each other for scarce funds? Pat does, too. He is looking at the big picture, the long haul, and imagining together with citizens what we could be, and what we need to get there. 

Pat champions this kind of thinking above the territorial, siloed organization that results in branches of government planning independently, with little transparency, nor will to hear its citizenry.

As a 27–year resident of this area, I have watched the fits and starts of projects that could bring real excitement and renewed vitality to Terre Haute, only to be disappointed by the lack of planning to sustain such projects. I have fumed as we are forced to accept hair-brained schemes with all the rhetoric of “will bring jobs,” but none of the research and long-term planning to determine what ultimately will be successful. 

Above all, I have watched in real dismay as this town ignores the advice and counsel of folks with expertise, while defending atomized organizational structures that simply reproduce old ideas.

In November, we have a choice to continue on the same old path, one way or another, or make a significant change. I am inspired by the recent renewed commitment of citizens to be a part of the workings of this community, to upend the structures that do not work, to take ownership of who we are and what we will become. 

The person who embodies this most, and who has the skills to lead this community, is Pat Goodwin.

— Ann Rider, Terre Haute 

A celebration made for veggies

Here are Ten Best Reasons for barbecuing veggie burgers and hot dogs this Independence Day, rather than ground-up animal body parts:

• Focusing on traffic and fireworks safety, rather than food safety.

• Giving your eyes a break from reading government food warning labels.

• Not sweating nasty E. coli and Salmonella bugs, if temperature is too low.

• Not sweating cancer-causing compounds, if barbecue temperature is too high.

• Not wondering about what’s really in that burger or hot dog you’re chewing.

• Giving your body a holiday from saturated fat, cholesterol, and hormones.

• Not sweating the animal cruelty and environmental devastation guilt trips.

• Not having to explain to your kids why we feed Rex and eat Babe.

• Distinguishing your Independence Day menu from your friends and neighbors.

• Celebrating a day of independence from the meat industry.

— Theo Mattson, Terre Haute


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