So it’s guilty until proven innocent?

Boy, you sure get some dandies on the opinion page. 

On the June 21, 2019, Mr. Pierce says a bunch of wild things but the prime one is where he has invoked the principle that you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. He doesn’t name the person but obviously is referring to Justice Kavanaugh. He says, “First, we now have an alleged sexual assaulter sitting on the bench in the Supreme Court who refuses to take a lie-detector test regarding the assault, while his accuser did take one and passed it.”

Mr. Pierce, I don’t know where you have been but that whole thing has been completely debunked. The accuser was given a lie-detector test arranged by her attorney, it was not through the FBI nor monitored by the FBI. There is a reason that lie detector tests are not admissible in court, they are unreliable. 

The accuser could not remember any details and the other witnesses she claimed were there said no such thing took place. I hope no one accuses you of some serious infraction and you have to prove yourself innocent rather than the accuser having to prove you guilty, which is the American justice standard. 

Everyone could say then that Mr. Pierce was accused of that horrible thing, year after year. The leftists tried to defame and destroy the man and his family because President Trump appointed him and I guess that includes you.

— Walt Conner, Robinson, Ill.

Misstatements about economy

This is a rebuttal to Walt Conner’s scorn-and-contempt attack letter on John Garner, and all contributors to the T-S opinion section who don’t support the tyrannical, fraudulent, corrupt dictator who now disgraces the Oval Office, aka, Trump Enterprises.

This is a familiar pattern from the party-first, America-last GOP base that wants to cement a dictatorship and abolish democracy and the rule of law.

Just like our dictator and thief, Walt misleads the opinion readers about the economy. Let us not forget it was another GOP dictator named George W. Bush, who in concert with the banking industry, plunged us into a full-blown recession. It was Obama who kept us from going into a full-blown depression.

To avoid Obama getting the economic praise that Trump is getting, the wealthy business owners scaled back production of goods and services. They could afford to wait until another bought and paid for GOP controlled Congress, to be in control, then expand their business, hire new workers and boom the economy. They were also rewarded with a tax cut for the wealthy.

The GOP cancer in Washington that’s eating away at the heart of America, and threatens to abolish the very things that some of you reading this, had family members fight and die for, to preserve and protect.

It’s beyond the scope of my understanding why there are American citizens supporting the death of democracy, the rule of law, the two-party system, in favor of a supreme ruler, where lying is a common practice, from the American president. The once-proclaimed GOP deficit hawks, are now deficit vultures. The once GOP party of family values, is now the party of no values, and accepts a dishonorable dictator with no values.

At present there’s the possibility that Trump and John Bolton (a shoot from the hip/loose cannon) might start a war with Iran. Trump’s tough talk on Iran comes on the heels of Trump stealing 1.3 billion from the defense department to build his border wall. Is it possible Trump plans to run on being a “wartime president” in 2020?

There’s nothing off the table when it comes to Trump remaining an above-the-law, supreme ruler.

— Ron Hastings, Clinton

Help make city a better place

How can I help Terre Haute, Indiana, be a better place to live?

Volunteer. Some organizations need your help. Pick up trash. Clean up our city. Clean up your speech. Others don’t approve of dirty language. Donate when you can, food, money, time. Help when you can.

Dress is the key to getting a job, or a major problem if we are improperly dressed. 

Turn signals are so helpful when driving. We all need to use them. Headlights are truly helpful when driving in dark days.

And remember ... It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice,

— Judy Ennen, Terre Haute


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