Cranky with Trump’s blather

First, I must apologize: My age, 72 years, by definition allows me to be angry and cantankerous as to the subject of the man currently holding the Oval Office or any other absurd matter. 

Why are you angry, you may ask? The answer is as farcical as a Samuel Beckett play. My naivete as to politics made me a believer that elected officials were employed to work for the benefit of the people; seemingly I was wrong.

Mr. Trump wants to erect a wall for Mr. Trump, just as Hadrian, Roman emperor, wanted a wall in England to keep the barbarians out of Roman territory 2,100 years ago — later to be talked about and to be identified with its builder in perpetuity (see Trump Tower). I heard Mr. Trump’s scandalous remarks about Latinos (brown-skinned people) covertly coming into this country. Did he forget that all terrorists for the 9/11 bombings were in the U.S. legally, many coming through Canada, but not one through Mexico? 

Mr. Trump, isn’t your wall better suited between the U.S. and Canada, if protection is the key? Is the reason you are not requesting a Canadian wall is that most Canadians are white, Anglo-Saxon, and look like you, Mr. Trump, and me?

Mr. Trump’s blather goes on and on endlessly as did the drivel in Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”: Each to their own absurd conclusion. In the end, Mr. Trump may get what he wants, but in doing so forfeits the chance to be remembered as a good, just president instead of a vainglorious man of questionable morality. 

However, my guess is that Mr. Trump’s chance passed by long ago, when even then, he was more concerned with other things besides his dysfunctions.

— G. Michael Loveall, Terre Haute

Appreciation for kind donation

Providence Food Pantry in West Terre Haute would like to express our gratitude for the $1,500 and barrels of food that was given to the pantry in December through Miracle on 7th Street.

We appreciate the support of the people in Vigo County who made it a success once again.

God bless you for helping us to help others in our community.

— Sister Joseph Fillenwarth, SP

Director, Providence Food Pantry