Don’t scrap the tipping system

Survey data shows that restaurant servers and customers love the tipping system. Why do most of the Democratic presidential candidates want to scrap it?

The current approach works well: Servers are legally guaranteed to earn at least the minimum wage with tips included; Census Bureau data shows they report earning twice that or more, thanks to generous tips that follow great service.

Tipped workers have fought against changes to this system, and with good reason. In states that have abandoned the tipped wage system, servers often find themselves replaced with automated alternatives, such as tabletop ordering devices. A new report from economists at Miami and Trinity Universities finds that restaurants staff fewer tipped workers in these high-cost environments.

Here’s a tip for the politicians supporting a change to this system: The employees don’t want it.

— Michael Saltsman, Managing Director

Employment Policies Institute 

4-H Craft Bazaar a huge success

Thank you to everyone in the Wabash Valley Community for supporting the ninth annual 4-H Council Holiday Craft Bazaar at the Vigo County Fairgrounds. It was a huge success and helped us raised money for our 4-H Scholarship Fund. 

Each year we award scholarships to our young people who are completing their 4-H careers. It is always amazing to see these young people become a vital part of our community as leaders in the workforce. 

Again, thank you to all of our amazing vendors who come back each year to help us make this event bigger and better every year. Mark your calendar now for the 10th 4-H Council Holiday Craft Bazaar on Nov. 21, 2020.

— Mary Ann Sedletzeck, Secretary of the Vigo County 4-H Council


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