Many examples of Obama mistakes

Judy Dukes asks contributor “Joe” to state some examples of Obama’s “mistakes and stupidity.” Although I believe his actions were the actions of a knowing money-changer handled by the CIA, I can list some very bad deeds which can be seen as “mistakes and stupidity.” I view these acts as evil.

First, we need to know history. Ted Stevens, Alaskan senator, was accused of buying too expensive furniture. He was convicted by a jury and lost the election. Obama used this to pass the unconstitutional “Affordable Care Act.” Stevens appealed the conviction and was acquitted because sleazebag Andrew Weissmann did not turn over exculpatory evidence (like Stevens saying he thought the furniture was too expensive). Stevens dedicated the rest of his life to making a law to turn over exculpatory evidence when requested. He died in a plane crash. Eric Holder said he would make a priority of passing this law. He did nothing. Obama did not push it.

Other Obama “mistakes” might might include his IRS scandal not approving Tea Party applications; his “Fast and Furious” program giving guns to drug dealers to track them (ha ha); and Middle East antics like sending arms to McCain “moderates” in Syria which were given to Al Qaeda and ISIS. He blamed Assad for gas attacks by ISIS. This went along with his perhaps “stupidity” of supporting Syria’s internal uprising (again ISIS). He also supported the “rat line” from Turkey to ISIS in Syria. One example can be seen after the “stupid” collapse of Libya. In this case arms that were given to “rebels” were to be taken back and sent to the rat line.

Many mistakes were in foreign policy. He could have been nicer to Israel (and I am no Zionist). His kowtowing to China looks as bad as the Bill Clinton sellout. His apology tour was very embarrassing to Americans, if not yet another mistake.

He knew about the Mueller and Comey crooks. Hillary got Comey a special board membership on HSBC bank. After they were caught laundering drug money and terrorist money, HSBC got a deal paying a small fine (not small to me but I do not launder currency) and no jail time. It was then FBI Director Mueller who signed off on the deal.

Obama knew about Hillary’s illegal activities and received emails from her under a false name. He should be put in jail just for that.

Does Judy really not see how Obama “tore the country apart”? He made racial remarks like, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” He then supported the racist terrorist group “Black Lives Matter” and let them spread lies like Trayvon did not have a drug problem. (I get this from inferring talks with blacks in Terre Haute.)  Trayvon “leaned” mixing codeine with a sweet drink and sweets. This makes folks aggressive and he was in a fight in school before being expelled and before fighting George in his new area. The “Beer Summit” was an attack on police and Obama had no respect for police. If people think he wasn’t doing it purposely, they might think him stupid.

Obama beats out W. Bush for being the worst president in history. Trump right now is nowhere close. I say this not liking Lincoln who killed over 700,000 Americans to support the “American System” stealing at the time mostly from the South to support corporate welfare in the north. (Remember Lincoln was a railroad lawyer and a supporter of Henry Clay.) 

I just found out LBJ was seven minutes away from dropping a nuke on Cairo during the Six Day War. (See “Blood in the Water”.) And of course I am ashamed of the U.S. committing genocide on Germany after WWII. Obama’s actions are the actions of one who wants to destroy what is left of the U.S.

I can only guess that Judy has some weird beliefs. An example is attacking Trump for ending DACA. DACA is an unconstitutional decree by tyrant. The U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional. Then Trump tried to save the DACA children with legislation. Congress must be blamed for fearing a wall. In lefty lingo one might call these misinformed “wallists.”

— Ed Gluck, Terre Haute


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