Disappointed in letter from nuns

In response to the letter, “Troublesome praise for Trump,” from the Sisters of Providence leadership group in the May 16-17 edition of Readers’ Forum:

I was very disappointed in the letter written to the Tribune-Star from the nuns of Saint Mary–of-the-Woods, Indiana. They condemned Cardinal Dolan and, by proxy, praised Biden for President. There is no one in the world that will support you or your ideas 100% of the time; they should know this as former teachers. There is a saying “you get more with sugar then vinegar.” If all would step back, look for good in others, “through a life of prayer and apostolic zeal we may aid in promoting the Kingdom of god among all peoples” and God would be pleased.

The Sisters of St. Mary should pay more attention to their vows than condemning the good Cardinal. The Sisters have been having a lot of trouble since 1962, and have in many cases done things that have been questionable in my eyes, but I have never condemned them openly until now.

Their action would have been great if they wrote the Cardinal directly, in private, to get a response instead of showing their feeling for all to see. The Cardinal knows what he is doing behind the scenes without broadcasting his intentions. He certainly knows of Trump’s support of the unborn babies and Biden’s lack of support (right up until birth, Biden will support aborting). 

Did the nuns follow the chain of command by going to their Bishop in Indianapolis? I think not. In the Church, the Cardinal and the Archbishop of Indianapolis are higher than the Sisters in the church are. Saint Mother Theodore Guerin knew that when she obeyed the Bishop of Vincennes. she did not like it, but she did it. It would be nice if the Sisters would follow her example.

If the Sisters think the Cardinal is so wrong they can get a dispensation from their vows and leave the Sisterhood, with respect.

The Sisters, in their “Politico action” have shown they support Joe Biden for President. This is exactly what the Sisters condemned the Cardinal for, isn’t it? Biden was a Catholic long ago, along with House Speaker Pelosi. Sometimes I wonder if the nuns of St. Mary’s are still Catholic “when they go outside their chain of Command and condemn their Cardinal.” Just my feelings.

— Bernard G. Frye, Terre Haute

West T food pantry needs your help 

As we continue to face these challenging times, I want to address the annual Hunger Bust Fun Run/Walk that benefits the Providence Food Pantry in West Terre Haute. This is the time of year that we begin planning for this event that brings the community together providing much-needed funds to purchase food for the pantry.

Besides the participants’ entry fee in this event, a large bulk of the funds generated comes from the area businesses’ sponsorship. As we all know, the small and large businesses have been hit hard by having to temporarily close, or are open with limited access. This has been a huge hardship on them, so we will not be asking the businesses to sponsor a Hunger Bust Fun Run/Walk this year. We are now asking for your help, as you have been so helpful in the past by supporting the local Providence Food Pantry.

I know many of you may be experiencing difficulties yourself through job layoffs, rent/mortgage payments due, or food insecurity. Recently most of us have received a government stimulus check that may very well need to go to the above areas, and we can certainly understand that. However, if you have the means to donate to the Providence Food Pantry at this time it would go a long way in helping those in need right in our own area.

The Providence Food Pantry has kept their doors open weekly supplying food to those in need throughout this pandemic. They have been continuing to serve the people of West Terre Haute every week. Food insecurity does not stop, in fact during a crisis it increases. Any support you are able to provide is a blessing to those in need.

I hope that next year, in 2021, when things are closer to normal, we will all enjoy being together again for the ninth annual Hunger Bust Fun Run/Walk. In the meantime, we are asking that you please consider mailing a tax-deductible check to the: Providence Food Pantry, 701 W. National Ave., West Terre Haute, IN 47885.

Stay safe and God bless you and your family.

— Jeannette Wrin, Jamie Richey, Hunger Bust co-chairs

West Terre Haute

Remember vets

Remember all our brave veterans who were lost in combat and those seriously wounded and their families. We honor them by remembering them every day, You are never gone and never forgotten.

Thanks, Guy, for the honor to know you.

— Tim Long, Carbon


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