Something special for Class of 2020

I’m the proud grandfather of a 2020 graduating senior at Terre Haute South Vigo High School. 

One of my greatest hopes was that I would live long enough to see my granddaughter graduate from high school. To watch her walk down the aisle and receive her diploma. What a glorious day that would be for me and many others. 

That day has arrived. However, with the pandemic in full force, that scenario isn’t going to happen. I expressed to my granddaughter how disappointed I was. Her comment was, “you, Grandpa? How about me?” How about her? How about all those wonderful, hard-working, tough kids who dreamed of that graduation day when they would celebrate with friends, teachers and family their educational journey of four years? 

Remember yours? Will we as a nation and community put them on the back burner? Will we simply say “Good Job” and have a nice life? 

Parents and teachers have invested too much time, money and commitment to sit back and let that happen. Shame on us if we as a concerned community and school board let that happen. Do I have the answer? No. Should someone have the answer? Yes. 

The citizens of the Wabash Valley voted for the referendum to help the Vigo County School Corp. with finances because of a deficit in operating funds. I believe the figure was $7 million. After the referendum passed, there was the revelation that an additional $3 million was found in the VCSC treasury, as I recall. I would hope those funds are still available for items like graduation. I would think with the wonderful, caring and innovative minds of our city and VCSC leaders (I state that with respect to all) something, something can be done to insure the 2020 high school seniors have a proper gala celebration and graduation. 

I’m not advocating tomorrow or next month. Who could dictate a date with all that is happening with this evil virus? I realize the logistics will be enormous and daunting to formulate a plan and date. The 2020 graduates have filled in their part of the puzzle. Let’s complete it for them and do our part. If I can help let me know.

Congratulations to the “Classes of 2020.”

— Nick Agresta, Terre Haute


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