A prayer for wisdom, facts and truth

The InterFaith Council of the Wabash Valley — we of diverse religious faiths and humanitarian belief systems — join with the Sisters of Providence and so many others in our country in condemning Wednesday’s display of hate and violence against people and property as well as our democratic institutions and processes. We hope and pray that our country will return to a politics guided by wisdom, facts and truths.

We of the interfaith community believe strongly in the right to protest to support beliefs, positions and values but abhor any use of violence in order to achieve the ends of an organization or belief system. We pray for those who lost their lives or sustained injury because of the violence perpetrated during the Capitol incident. May we work untiringly to acknowledge our own complicity in those attitudes, actions and words which perpetuate violence.

We urge all faith communities to unite in support of others who follow different faith and belief systems based in tolerance and respect, with the hope that followers of all faiths will stay true to their founding principles of love, acceptance, compassion, charity, mercy and hope. Let us renew our commitment to stand together to risk speaking and acting for the common good of all and work tirelessly to contribute to the change we wish to see.

— Arthur Feinsod, for the Executive Committee of the InterFaith Council of the Wabash Valley and the Sisters of Providence

Proud of Girl Scout for palm oil efforts

I was so glad to read in the Dec. 30 edition of the Tribune-Star that Girl Scout Olivia Chaffin is trying to get palm oil removed from the organization’s cookies. 

I’ve long known that tropical rainforests are being cleared for palm oil plantations, but I didn’t realize what a negative effect these plantations are also having on child laborers. These facts motivate me even more to be diligent in reading labels when I purchase food and cosmetics.

I’m proud of Olivia for taking this stance; it gives me hope when a member of younger generations is environmentally active.

— Mary Beth Eberwein, Pimento

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