Well-equipped to be our mayor

I have been personally and professionally associated with Pat Goodwin since he was a student in my classes. I am extremely proud of what Pat Goodwin has accomplished and the future he sees for Terre Haute. He is a remarkable young man who definitely has a plan for Terre Haute.

Very few people have the qualifications that Pat has to become Terre Haute mayor: a graduate of the nation’s number one undergraduate civil engineering program; a registered professional engineer; experience as a member of a consulting engineering firm and ultimately establishing his own firm; project management and facility management for a non-profit organization where he came up with innovative waste treatment solutions; public sector engineering, including Terre Haute city engineer; business and financial experience coupled with his e-commerce company.

His preparation for serving the community was demonstrated in the 10 public information sessions he conducted over the past year and a half. These non-political events covered a variety of issues important to the citizens and the future of Terre Haute. The topics were researched, well documented and fully vetted. He demonstrated his ability to review, dissect, assemble and synthesize a solution to a need, a process, a problem, or a project facing Terre Haute.

I believe Pat really cares about the future of Terre Haute and how it can become a great city, a city of “BESTS.”

I strongly recommend Pat Goodwin for your consideration as the 43rd mayor of Terre Haute.

— Jim McKinney, PE

Terre Haute

Help us spread a message of pride

In late August, the See You In Terre Haute 2025 Community Plan was unveiled to the community.

Based on comprehensive research, community input and existing information from over 40 existing organizations, the community plan was built. It is focused on two critical goals: halt population decline and reverse the trend of declining per capita personal income. The entire premise of this plan is what can we as a community, accomplish by the year 2025. In just a few short years, can we work together to change the direction of these metrics and the direction of our community as well?

Since releasing the plan in August — along with members of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Community Plan co-chairs, Mayor Duke Bennett and President and CEO of Union Health System, Steve Holman — I have said over and over that this is a “living, breathing document” and if we create the plan but do nothing, we would be doing a disservice to ourselves and the community.

Fortunately, the plan is in full swing. Volunteer co-chairs have been established to lead each of the plan pillars. Additionally, these co-chairs have created task forces to address critical issues, along with identifying existing resources in the community.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak at several community meetings regarding the plan and its merits.

We’re off to a great start, but the work is just beginning. I’m asking everyone reading this to do one simple thing … engage. Check out the plan – terrehautechamber.com/seeyouinterrehaute. Engage with a task force, reach out to a co-chair, read the plan, offer feedback.

And most importantly, start using the See You In Terre Haute brand. It is available for download at terrehaute.com; add it to your letterhead or your email signature.

Help us spread the message that we are proud of our community.

“See You In Terre Haute.”

— Kristin Craig

President, Terre Haute

Chamber of Commerce

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