Thoughts on the three mayoral candidates

My wife and I watched the Oct. 2 mayoral event held at the Indiana Theatre through WTHI-TV. We did not know much about any of the three candidates, and we live outside of Vigo County so cannot vote on them. However, we wanted to share our observations about the candidates.

Mayor Bennett seemed to be content about the city and talked quite a lot about the progress being made by various agencies, committees, etc; but we heard very little about his own ideas in moving our city forward, his own hands-on initiatives and real examples of progressive/aggressive leadership. But he was a nice guy, with a down-home, easy going style.

Candidate Nasser seemed to be knowledgeable about the issues, but he too seemed rather low key, and my wife commented that he did not seem to project the kind of ambition/leadership our city needs. His body language and intonation in his voice did not project well. But he too was a nice guy.

Candidate Goodwin was a surprise to us. When asked to comment on the questions, he spoke directly and specifically to what he would do, and he was aggressive yet personable – the kind of man who we thought could convince folks to support and follow him into an enlightened future for our city. He appeared to know more about the issues than the other two candidates, and he shared more precise plans which seemed exciting to contemplate, one of real growth for both our city and secondarily for our county. For example, we liked how he spoke in support of the upcoming school referendum, directly and to the point. He did not mix words; it was refreshing.

Again, we really don’t know a lot of detail about the issues facing our city, but we did observe some interesting differences among the three candidates, for what it’s worth. No matter how you feel, please express yourself in the voting booth this November, for the kind of leader you want to be mayor of Terre Haute. It will matter.

— Ron & Jen Martin

Terre Haute

Dear Mayor Bennett (Goodwin or Nasser)

Dear Mayor Bennett (Goodwin or Nasser, as the case may be after November elections), I have three brief thoughts for you.

1. Growth has been stunted in Terre Haute for years not because of the trains but because of the lack of over or underpasses. Ask anyone who is from another city of comparable size who has had come through or to Terre Haute — ever. Would you please begin to do something?

2. On the casino: When people from other parts of the state hear about the possibility of a casino in Terre Haute, the typical comment goes something like, “Oh, that sounds like Terre Haute. Are they hoping to reclaim their past reputation?”

3. I will vote in November for the one of you who most convinces me that you sincerely have the people, all the people, of Terre Haute in mind and not pleasing those of political influence and/or people with lots of money who do not even live in our city.

Thank you, and yes, I would love to have a cup or two of coffee with you sometime.

 — Roger Bear

Terre Haute

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