Small investment will pay dividends in the future

I am voting YES for Vigo County students. I invite you to join me.

Referendum 2 is a low-cost, high-value investment in the present and future of Terre Haute and Vigo County. Voting YES says you value who we are and what we can become.

I am a parent of two current and one future Vigo County School Corp. students. Just three years ago my family moved to Terre Haute from the suburbs of Chicago. In that short time VCSC teachers have demonstrated their dedication to our children. I marvel at what they are able to accomplish with such small budgets and significant challenges.

Vigo kids go to school with energy, a sense of curiosity, a need for support, and great potential. These kids also go to school in poverty, with learning disabilities, with trauma and with life-threatening allergies. Teachers face this sophisticated set of needs every day and are our best chance for engaging and encouraging their success. In addition to our respect, they deserve to be better compensated.

It is clear that we are facing a turning point for Terre Haute. If you vote no, significant cuts will be made and those cuts will be painful. No one will be immune — there is no “other” child that will be harmed. Each of our children will pay the price. And in turn, our entire community will suffer.

Beyond our schools, Referendum 2 aligns with our Chamber of Commerce’s strategic plan for the future. While it aligns directly with their Quality of Life and Talent Attraction/Retention initiatives, none of the pillars of their plan can stand without the strong foundation of a quality education for our children.

Vote YES because a safe and secure school is a school that succeeds.

Vote YES because a competitive salary compels quality educators to stay in our schools.

Vote YES because a small investment now will pay dividends down the road.

Vote YES to show you believe in Vigo County.

Vote YES to show you believe in Terre Haute.

Vote YES on Referendum Question #2

— Jill Brady

Terre Haute

Homecoming has lost its way

Dear Wabash Valley:

I want to start positive and say that Saturday, Oct. 12, was a beautiful, perfect Indiana day. The crowd in attendance for the parade was substantial.

Now let’s discuss the hot topic of our community’s ISU Homecoming activities. It was a very sad event on Saturday as the parade has lost its way. When did golf carts become the norm for a “float.” I’m not saying there has to be extravagant, expensive traditional floats, but come on. What happened to the camaraderie of working together to show one’s pride in their sorority, fraternity, school, one’s message, or political aspirations? Wow and engage us with creativity, community and academic successes, and talent — not unhealthy candy.

What happened to the focus on what our universities, schools, politicians, and businesses have to offer? What happened to the leaders who do not show any accountability for the lack of direction or organization for this event? Quite frankly who are the leaders of this event? It appears the only focus is on the “party,” the revenue, and the walk. Yes there was more law enforcement to help control the party but at what cost? Shouldn’t the focus be on the true meaning of a homecoming?

In my opinion concentration should be on the universities in the Wabash Valley, high school talent, businesses, and what they have to offer, the alumni and their commitment to ISU, and the students who are in the midst of learning. Are we teaching them anything of benefit for their future community involvement.

The new lineup of how the stadium is used during homecoming was just as sad. Instead of killing Tent City, why not invite the downtown business owners to set up tents to sell their food, wares, and drink? Instead of hiring more police to control a several block walk, use on-duty law enforcement to monitor a revised Tent City? Instead of squelching alumni from tailgating, support and encourage them to support the current student body and university. My, my, my we have lost our way Sycamores.

Let’s do better next year and I am a willing volunteer.

— Kathy Carney, RN, MSN

ISU School of Nursing

Graduate, 1992

Time for change in mayor’s office

Politics as usual is just not good enough for Terre Haute.

Three terms in the same elected office are enough. This holds true at the federal, state, county and even the local level. It is time for a change in the City of Terre Haute mayor’s office.

After three terms of the current mayor, it is time for new ideas and inspired leadership. We have the opportunity this election to move in a bold new direction on Nov. 5. We have an independent candidate who is beholden to neither political party. Pat Goodwin is committed to the citizens of Terre Haute. He has clearly stated his positions and ideas about how our city can move forward.

Pat Goodwin has a plan. He is listening to the electorate as he runs a vigorous campaign. He believes actions speak louder than words. We strongly urge citizens to vote and cast a ballot for Pat Goodwin

— Jack and Kathleen Meany

Terre Haute

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