Is Trump the savior of ISIS

I remember Donald Trump stated in 2016 that Barack Obama was the “founder” of ISIS.

Since Donald Trump has pulled all of the U.S. troops out of Syria, all of the ISIS terrorists are being set free. So, does that make Donald Trump the new founder of ISIS, or is he their savior?

— John Garner

Terre Haute

South First Street in bad condition

Why has South First Street been let go for so long? From Hulman to Margaret Ave. is terrible. The road is deplorable and both train tracks are worse than the road, which says a lot.

We just drove over the tracks going north and hit a hole or something that sounded like it broke something under our car. When going south, if no cars are coming north, I drive in the northbound lane because it’s less bumpy and the rain water pools in the southbound lane so you try to steer around it. Get the picture.

I know I’m not the only driver who dislikes that road. As soon as they get Indiana 63 opened I will travel that and stay off First Street as much as possible.

— Patricia Lowe

West Terre Haute

Goodwin will solve problems

Several years ago, I taught a first-year English class at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. I was impressed by students who were methodical, comfortable trying new approaches and confident that applying their knowledge and skills would lead to success. They had a motto: “Engineers are problem solvers.”

Pat Goodwin, a Rose-Hulman graduate, is proud of being a problem solver. This mindset is the biggest strength he’ll bring to the mayor’s office. Goodwin will be proactive, seeking information from multiple sources to facilitate seeing the big picture and taking the long view. In contrast, the current administration often operates in crisis management mode.

Producing a balanced budget after 12 years — one boosted by increased taxes and continued borrowing — is an achievement Mayor Bennett touts. He’s also proud of his support for the proposed casino. However, the truth is, voting yes on #1 is not going to bring automatic economic viability to our city. It will provide a new stream of funding, but how can we ensure the money doesn’t trickle away unproductively? Goodwin has, rightly, pointed out that public input should have been sought to determine what casino revenue would be used for prior to the vote.

One problem in Terre Haute is the perception that ordinary citizens are ignored in the decision-making process. Goodwin is committed to ensuring transparency in all municipal transactions, knowing fewer problems arise when all stakeholders have the same information and the same chance to be heard.

Vote Goodwin for Terre Haute.

— Lucinda Berry

Terre Haute

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