Indiana needs E15 year round

President Trump has pledged his support for farmers like me during tough economic times. Prices are down and farmers are being hit with new foreign tariffs. I’m confident the president will win the fight to open new markets overseas, but there is one easy step this administration should take right now that would help farmers from Indiana and across the Midwest. It would also help consumers save money at the pump.

Due to an outdated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation, most gas stations can only sell E15 fuel for eight and a half months each year. Fifteen percent ethanol blends are cleaner burning, lower-cost and higher-octane than the standard 10 percent blends sold year-round, but E15 is pulled off the market each summer. That restriction cuts off farmers from a growing market for the crops that supply more than a dozen Indiana bio-refineries.

E15 typically costs 5-10 cents per gallon less than regular gasoline and every car 2001 or newer is approved to use E15 blends.

President Trump has promised to fix this nonsensical technicality, but the EPA has been dragging its feet. It’s time to support farmers here in Indiana by letting consumers save money year-round on lower-cost biofuel blends.

It’s the right move to make, and President Trump can make it happen. Indiana needs E15.

Unfortunately, Sen. Todd Young has yet to offer his support for E15 sales year round. I hope you’ll call Sen. Young at (202) 224-5623 and tell him to support year-round sales of E15.

— Josh Kirkpatrick, Veedersburg

Climate facts to be considered

Here are some facts that have been released in the last few days that your readers won’t see in the mainstream media.

Global Temperature: The satellite-measured global atmospheric temperature for September 2018 was released by the University of Alabama-Huntsville on Oct. 2. The difference from the average temperature for the 30-year period from 1981 to 2010 was 0.14 degrees C. This continues the confirmation of what climate alarmists want to call “the pause.” There has been no warming for the past 19 years in stark contrast to Alarmist’s predictions.

It also just happens that 2018 was the coolest September in the last 10 years.

Number of tornadoes: On Oct. 3, NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center released data on the cumulative number of tornadoes occurring in the U.S. As of that date the total for 2018 was 759. This is the lowest number recorded in the 65 years that records have been kept.

— Thomas B Tucker, Terre Haute

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