Gratitude for strong partnerships

I am writing this letter to publicly express gratitude for the collaborative spirit of many community partners in Terre Haute. Clearly, we know from extensive research that community service matters for the health and development of every student and community. The energy and creativity of the Indiana State University early childhood students has been inspiring. As they prepare for the Family Literacy Event at our Vigo County Head Start program, they are gaining a deeper understanding of the community of children and families.

Through the kind and generous support of Vigo County Head Start leadership and teaching staff, my ISU students are learning firsthand how to plan, implement and evaluate lessons that involve the parents. The early childhood students are gaining hands-on experience through a collaborative project focusing on promoting fire safety (Oct. 24th).

Our collaboration with the Head Start Program connects my students with incredible professionals and a network of resources and information. Thank you, Head Start Program. As a result of a long-term relationship, the ECE students have enhanced their planning, implementation and problem-solving skills. Through the hard work of the ISU students they learn that civic participation is not only exciting but also important.

A deep felt thank you goes to the Center of Community Engagement staff and faculty. This office has provided the leadership and support for so many faculties in building those important community relationships. I sincerely appreciate the amazing collection of children’s books and the attentive librarians in the children’s section at the Vigo County Public Library. They always seem to know where every book is.

A new community partnership has been developed with the Terre Haute Fire Department. Thank you, Brenton Lloyd, for your guest lectures, time, energy and insights to protecting the most vulnerable in our community through your initiatives, compassion, and wisdom.

I am profoundly grateful for these respectful and kind partnerships that are open, respectful, collaborative and powerful. These relationships clearly connect my students to authentic practices and career development. Thank you, Terre Haute, for providing me these opportunities to help my students enhance their understanding, become more comprehensive teachers and active engaged citizens.

I strongly believe these partnerships are positive steps for the students’ careers as they develop the skills to be community leaders. 

Everyone wins. Humbly, I am constantly learning about Terre Haute. As a result, I grow and develop into a more reflective and mindful faculty member as I partner with the professionals of Terre Haute.

— Georgianna Duarte

Adams Endowed Professor

Early Childhood Education

Indiana State University

Ready to see our city prosper

For the first time, my neighbor and I will both vote for the same mayoral candidate. We want to see Terre Haute thrive and prosper instead of just limping along.

Pat Goodwin, our candidate, has experience in city government and in running a successful small business and he has a well-thought-out plan for making Terre Haute a beautiful, prosperous city. As a small business owner, he has developed the ability to budget realistically. He will stop the current practice of taking out high interest “pay-day” loans to pay normal expenses. He will shepherd our tax dollars well.

In addition, he will work collaboratively with our local small business incubators so that the businesses started in these incubators stay in Terre Haute and provide jobs here. Improving our city’s appearance and its recreational facilities will make us more attractive to these businesses. Goodwin wants to develop our parks, our trails, and our riverfront. Local universities, schools, businesses and many volunteer groups support this development.

Pat Goodwin is good at bringing people together. He will draw all these diverse groups together into a vigorous enthusiastic collaborative improvement effort.

Please consider voting for this outstanding candidate, Pat Goodwin.

— Judy Barnebey

Terre Haute

Civility lacking in anti-Dem letters

This letter is to the Republicans who write those hate-filled letters in this column directed at Democratics. Were you born this way or is it you’ve learned from Trump that name-calling and a total lack of civility are perfectly fine? Is that how your parents raised you? Is it something you pass on to your children and grandchildren?

You will notice I addressed specifically the Republicans who write those nasty letters. I didn’t say all Republicans. Why do you feel like you need to paint all Democrats with the same brush? I don’t understand what you have to complain about. The man you wanted in office is the POTUS. Are you just the kind of people who aren’t happy unless you have something to complain about?

To address a few specific items in those letters: no, God didn’t put Trump in office. That has to be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever read. No, Democrats will not start a “civil war” (insert eye roll here) and, lastly, if you don’t like what this paper prints, stop your subscription.

— Pam Curts

Terre Haute

Is Trump doing God’s work?

In the Tribune-Star last week, letter writer Bill Combs wrote that “President Trump has been doing everything just the way God has wanted him to do it.” That’s what Jim Jones said when he got his cult to drink the poison Kool-Aid.

Religion is the oldest trick in the book to manipulate people. And Trump’s poison Kool-Aid could soon start to take effect, just like his bankruptcies and failed university, among other things.

Does Combs think we are going to win, win win, with Trump’s lies, lies lies?

— Bill Cain

Terre Haute

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