All the essential skills to be mayor

A few weeks ago, in a letter to the editor, I commented on Mr. Patrick Goodwin’s sterling personal qualities as a Terre Haute mayoral candidate. Here I’ll focus on his experience in Terre Haute government and his professional, business and leadership skills, all of which are key to his success as mayor.

First, Mr. Goodwin is a graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. His degree in civil engineering from one of the country’s outstanding engineering schools provides him the ideal background to understand and cope with major city infrastructure issues like street maintenance and sewer reconstruction, both of which are current issues facing our community. Mr. Goodwin has employed his RHIT training in the private sector, but more importantly, for this discussion, he was employed by the city in the Terre Haute Engineering Department for 10 years, serving eight of those as city engineer. During this time, he refurbished the sewers and roadways of Fourth Street and Hulman Street, built new roads like Brown Boulevard and South 13th Street, and developed our trail system. He knows the Terre Haute governance system and he knows the community from first-hand experience.

After leaving public service, Mr. Goodwin founded his own company, Tractor Tools Direct, and has bootstrapped it into a highly successful, internet-based company with nationwide sales and international connections. In growing his company, with exceptional speed, Mr. Goodwin has demonstrated his skill at using limited available funds to achieve maximum benefits and growth for his company. It seems that Mr. Goodwin can make a budget based on limited available funds, live within that budget, and still achieve success. This skill is essential to successful, open, transparent governance and will help Mr. Goodwin achieve success as Terre Haute’s mayor.

In all the preceding, Mr. Goodwin has clearly shown that he has the leadership skills needed to be mayor of this community. He led the Terre Haute Engineering Department through major intradepartmental changes that vastly improved the department. He led the development of his company to its growth from a one-man operation to a nationally leading seller of small-farm tractor implements.

However, while these accomplishments are impressive, his recent leadership in the public sector is most important to the citizens of Terre Haute. Here, Mr. Goodwin’s leadership style has been best demonstrated by his efforts in hosting numerous public forums and meetings over the last year where he presented his vision for the future of Terre Haute and how its potential for growth and prosperity can be achieved. Here his leadership style has been shown to be open, inclusive and innovative, exactly what is needed now in our community.

Mr. Goodwin has the background, experience, economic knowledge, and leadership skills to be an excellent mayor of Terre Haute. Given those attributes I urge you to vote in the upcoming municipal election and help make Mr. Patrick Goodwin Terre Haute’s mayor.

— Walter X. Balcavage

Terre Haute

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