A very bad and ugly precedent

There are many very meritorious organizations, the American Heart Association, the Komen Foundation, many houses of worship, other educational institutions, Union Hospital and many others that would never seek or propose a referendum to be voted on to raise people’s property taxes to get money to pay for their operational and other expenses. The VCSC Superintendent Dr. Robert Haworth with the current School Board are setting a very ugly and bad precedent through a referendum to raise $56 million dollars to pay for its operational and other expenses.

Let’s remember that all organization, other educational institutions etc., all have heavy financial obligations and responsibilities to their employees, customers, patients, students, clients, etc. 

The millions of dollars from past poor financial choices and planning by the VCSC is not a community’s or parent’s blame. Nor is it the blame of any VCSC teacher or other employee. Nor was it caused by them.

I believe the referendum proposed by the VCSC to be voted on to raise Vigo County residents’ property taxes sets a very bad and ugly precedent.

— Charles Bean

Terre Haute

Innocent until proven guilty

In the Sept. 29 newspaper, John Krull states that the president has broken the law.

Oh really?

Has this been proven in a court of law?

I thought that the presumption of innocence until proven guilty applied to everyone from president to peon.

— Mark Burns

Terre Haute

On a crusade to destroy this president

Joe Biden just asserted to the president, “You’re not destroying me, or my family.”

His democrats and mainstream media have been on a crusade to destroy this president and his family for nearly 3 years.

Biden’s sanctimonious and pious statement, not to mention his hypocritical attitude toward the president, is pathetically laughable.

— Earl Beal

Terre Haute

Goodwin is the man to lead city

Pat Goodwin has my support for mayor of Terre Haute. There are several reasons for this. 

One, he will bring energetic and enthusiastic leadership to our city. He has a vision and understands that we must look ahead to where we want to be in 10, 20 years in our decision making today and not just react to crises as they occur. For too long we have accepted the status quo, we have not believed in ourselves, we have not seen the possibilities for us as a community. Pat will change this for he realizes the status quo isn’t where we need to be, isn’t where we want to be.  

Two, I appreciate Pat’s honesty and transparency. This has been so obvious throughout his campaign. I am impressed that when asked a question, he just doesn’t give the answer that the questioner wants to hear but a well-thought-out, honest answer, a realistic answer. 

Three, Pat understands the possibilities of what technology can do to make our city government more cost effective and thereby free up resources to address other important needs of our community.

In summary, our city needs not just good management but effective leadership. You may ask what the difference is. Management controls or directs people and resources to accomplish tasks according to principles and values that have been established. Leadership, on the other hand, is about setting a new direction or vision for the future and then leading and enabling others to help reach that new goal. While both are important, if we are to break out of the status quo, we must have effective leadership. I believe Pat Goodwin is the man to lead this city to a better future, a brighter future.

— Dave Zaun

Terre Haute

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