A fantastic turnout to Clean Up Terre Haute

Wow! What a turnout on Oct. 5 for Clean Up Terre Haute. The City of Terre Haute along with the Code Enforcement division cannot begin to express the gratitude that we have for all the volunteers that participated in our Fall Clean Up. First off, Republic Services and their staff did a fantastic job of setting and removing the roll off dumpsters. The two Republic drivers were on top of the job from beginning to end. 

We would like to thank Trees. Inc for being there with plenty of volunteers and helping hands. We would like to thank all City and County workers who volunteered Saturday, Vigo Count Board of Health Vector Control Division, Vigo County Solid Waste, Terre Haute Street Department, Terre Haute Police Department employees and Terre Haute Waste Water. We appreciate Sam’s Club Terre Haute for always supporting the city during our clean ups with their donations of snacks and drinks for our volunteers. We would also like to thank the Society of Trash Baggers who not only clean up on a daily basis but they also volunteer during clean ups through out our city. 

It was a beautiful day to make a difference in this city and we did. I know we have some work to do, but with community participation like we witnessed on that Saturday there is no doubt that our town is headed in the right direction. Once again, Thank you to all who participated; we couldn’t have been successful without you. See you next time.

— Laurie Tharp

Terre Haute

Goodwin will bring inspiration city needs

Each of the three candidates brought something to the mayoral forum on Oct.1. Karrum Nasser brought petulance. Duke Bennett brought the status quo. Pat Goodwin brought inspiration.

Mr. Nasser was the greatest disappointment of the night. One expects a city councilman to display a detailed knowledge of the city government. One expects a councilman with mayoral ambitions to present novel initiatives. Nasser did neither. He seemed utterly unprepared and uncomfortable for most of the forum. His one stab at animation was to nitpick ideas presented by Goodwin.

As expected of a three-term mayor, Mr. Bennett displayed a firm grasp of Terre Haute’s strengths and weaknesses. He touted some perceived accomplishments but did not present any innovative plans to go beyond the status quo. He highlighted his balanced budget, without mentioning that most of the balancing stemmed from new fees and taxes or acknowledging that the city still borrows money. Bennett doubled down on his commitment to the police and fire departments, asserting that new taxes obviate the need for reevaluation. He vowed to continue his current efforts to attract business and industry but did not address why Terre Haute has not been competitive with other cities. In short, Mr. Bennett promises a redo of the last 12 years.

To say that Goodwin was a pleasant surprise is an understatement. The man had detailed answers for virtually every issue raised in the forum. Priority number one for Goodwin is a forensic audit of the budget so that citizens and council members are fully aware of the financial situation. He plans to scrutinize everything, including the sacrosanct police and fire departments. He embraces enhancing the quality of life in Terre Haute as a means to attract business and slow the exodus of our talented youth. His many other proposals show he is committed to long-term results, not election pandering.

Being an old-fashioned male, I am rather attracted to petulance and the status quo. However, Terre Haute deserves inspiration.

— Jim Hughes

Terre Haute

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