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Trump has eroded our democracy

This is a rebuttal of “Setting record straight on Trump”:

I had to laugh at the ludicrous letter by Gail Henneman on the opinion page Saturday, Sept. 26, titled, “Setting the Record Straight on Trump”. She talks of perpetrating falsehoods about the President without giving any facts. I wonder what those falsehoods are? Maybe the fact he was caught on a hot mic talking about groping women. Maybe that the President is a habitual liar and doesn’t know truth from fiction. Maybe that he encouraged Russia to meddle in our election. Or maybe it could be misleading the public about the coronavirus, injecting bleach, or exploding trees in the wild fires out West. 

I could go on and on but you get the idea (maybe).

She speaks of Trump saving Social Security and Medicare. When did he do that? The fact is these two social programs are running out of money. To date, Trump does not have a plan to save the programs, nor does he have a plan to replace Obamacare, which he’s trying to nix without a plan. Trump is wanting to suspend the payroll tax. By doing this it would drain both programs. Joe Biden has a plan not only to save it, but increase it.

Again, she speaks of Trump’s triumphs, but not naming any, and Trump’s love for veterans. Is that why he insulted blue star families, and John McCain, war hero and prisoner of war. Fox News was the first to report Trump didn’t want to go to the cemetery in Europe, calling the dead “losers” and “suckers.”

I believe this happened, knowing he is a sociopathic liar without character.

And lastly she talks of perpetrating false words. The only answer I have for this is tell your president to stop perpetuating false words. He’s already saying that if he doesn’t win the election it was rigged, and may try to stay in office, or make the transition difficult. He’s calling the news fake, and putting people down or firing them for not agreeing with him. How many of his associates have gone to prison?

This president has weakened our justice system, perpetuated COVID-19 deaths, and has eroded our democracy. The White House is not a business like many of his failed businesses. He is unfit to be president. Gail, I hope you are right. We need the silent majority to vote because they do know the truth. This president is incompetent, and not a respectable role model for our children.

— Mike Crowder, Terre Haute

Dangers with Trump

Trump is not committing to a peaceful transition of power in case he loses: “Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very ... there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation.” 

This is very dangerous. He is going to need an overwhelming kick in the rear from the ballot box to get rid of him. The popular vote should be given a chance to be counted, and there should be no monkey business in the Electoral College with electors ignoring the will of the people. He even wants a new Supreme Court judge before the election to make sure he stays in office. 

He is rigging everything in his favor. We see what is going on behind the curtain with the Wizard of OZ and it ain’t pretty. 

— Bill Cain, Terre Haute

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