For guv, check out the Libertarian

I am surprised there is support for a governor pandering to Democrats. He is destroying businesses with his fearmongering. He uses the state police to ask me if I need help after getting beat on (feloniously) by Antifa in a BLM march. Hey, Governor Stupid, these people want to be arrested. An officer informed a man to get out of the road or he would be arrested. The man called over his friends to sit on the state highway. No arrests. Is that due to you, Governor Stupid?

The Democrat is as bad as Governor Stupid but with higher taxes.

That leaves the Libertarian candidate, Donald Rainwater. He is talking about not being so restrictive on liberty and businesses. He appears to be a guy interested in the people of Indiana. Readers should check his Facebook and if possible watch the debates. I do not care for his manager, but I believe he will make wiser choices given from the whole state to pick his team. He may be your default choice, but I would say to listen to the old saying, paraphrased, “Try him, you’ll like him.”

— Ed Gluck, Terre Haute

Time to change country’s direction

Here is an editorial I started April 6 of this year and never finished. Looking back, it is surprising how little has changed during the last 6 months. 

It started with, “Sometimes during a crisis, you get more information than your brain can possibly process. During this past weekend, my wife and I listened and watched three different churches online. One was a little under 30 minutes the second ran about 50 minutes and the third one hour and 18 minutes. All three had good ministers and all three had limited peripheral items, announcements, singing and that sort of thing. 

One thing I came away with was, for me, the service that ran about 50 minutes was about right. The minister held my attention during his sermon without my mind wandering away to my problems that affect my daily life. The shorter minister left me wanting a little more and the service over one hour I mentally checked out early. I think most of us have a limited attention span unless it is a subject that really hits close to home. Apparently, sin is one of the things that limits my attention span. 

I have tried to watch the nightly briefing by President Trump and his support team and found my mind wandering because they go on far too long and are somewhat confusing. There were a lot of people, presenting needed information, that seem to disagree with each other and the press seemed to know which questions would send Trump into a tirade of fake news and misinformation against him by reporters who, according to Trump, are “dumber than a box of rocks.” Now I will pick up where I left off.

I stand by what I said in April even though we are deep into a campaign to decide who should lead our country, and little has changed. The most astounding statistic since that time is the deaths caused by the coronavirus. On April 6 we had suffered 10,300 coronavirus deaths. Today, approximately 6 months later, we have surpassed 215,000. It is easy to look back to would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, and blame Trump for the deaths. The problem is a recent book by Bob Woodward, titled Rage. 

In a taped interview Trump admitted knowing in late January and early February how bad this virus could be. Yet he stood on his bully pulpit and lied to the American public. Recently the President suffered from coronavirus symptoms and I am sure the entire country was praying for his return to good health. However, his actions and words are making a mockery of coronavirus and it’s victims. His claim to being restored to full health and having no reason to fear this horrendous disease is a slap in the face to the families of the over 215,000 victims who have passed. 

How many Americans can receive the treatment that has been afforded to President Trump in recent days? Instead of showing thanks for his good fortune, he is using the whole episode as political theater for his reelection.

It’s not too late to change the direction of our country by casting your ballot on or before Nov. 3 for Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States of America. His compassion and proven ability to work with others for the common good would be a welcome change for our democracy. It’s time to rid our nation of the politics that divide and separate us, and the politicians who use this tactic to govern our great nation. 

Our slogan should be Americans First, not America First. There is quite a difference. By putting Americans first America will become great again.

— Ron Gadberry, Sullivan

Ugly inferences about oppression

My, my, Jeffrey and Melody Aitken. You certainly did read an awful lot into my letter that I did not say. Your statement about my and another writer’s “warm fuzzy” feelings about being sorry for the poor oppressed races in the U.S. is ugly and implies a certain affinity for the white supremacy mindset. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about oppression of any person, regardless of color, race, religion, sexual preference or what have you. 

You suggest I condone violence. I barely understand it, but under no circumstances do I condone it. The suggestion that we two writers (not you, no, never you) are disrespectful of any person of color or other minority or that we applaud and support violence is deeply and grotesquely offensive. Your problem here is you misunderstand what “systemic” means. You are white people of privilege. I am a white person of privilege because, as far as I know, we have never been stopped by the police just for walking down the sidewalk in a predominantly white neighborhood. We have never been denied housing because of the color of our skin We are not consistently and persistently called derogatory names. We have never been the subject of a hate crime.

There is a broad pattern of discrimination against people of color in this country, even when they are successful, and that racism has been fairly and extensively documented as cutting across every level of our society, from education, to employment and compensation, to criminal justice, to housing and yes, even age. And do not even try to tell me that people of color had to overcome the same hurdles that white people do to achieve that success.

That is ridiculous. 

See the last few sentences of the above paragraph. And do not presume to tell me I am on a “side.” There are no “sides” in being fair.

I wanted to skip the ludicrous bit about Marxists hassling the elderly, but I just cannot. What does that even mean? Like socialism, you haven’t a clue what Marxism is if you think it is about tormenting the elderly. Just shut up, man.

— Ann Sackrider Carlisle, Terre Haute

Lore someone you can trust on board

I would just like to take a minute of your time to ask you to vote Amy Lore for Vigo County District 1 School Board. 

I have known Amy for many years. She is a wonderfully patient mother with two adorable sons. I have always wanted to be able to vote for someone that would put the needs of the children first is our school district. 

I myself have had two sons graduate from North High School in recent years. I have been a parent and or volunteer in Vigo County schools for over 15 years. I know I can trust her with the needs of our school children. She understands from the parent and teacher perspectives, as her husband, Lennon, is a teacher and has taught for several years. This gives her special insight as to what the teachers need as well. 

If you are looking for someone to trust with the future of Vigo County education, look no further. Vote Amy Lore.

— Shelley Burchyett, Terre Haute

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