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Vote to sustain our freedom to worship

People have emigrated to this continent for many reasons over the years, but one reason has always stood out from the others: the freedom to worship according to the dictates of their conscience. 

From the Pilgrims of 1620 to people who are currently fleeing religious persecution in their homelands, America has always welcomed people of all (or no) faiths. What is troubling about today’s climate, though, is the hostility of many of our cultural leaders and government officials to those who are trying to live out their beliefs. 

For Christians, just sitting in a church pew for an hour on Sunday morning isn’t enough. We need to be free to express our faith and act upon it every day of the week. When a Christian baker refuses to decorate a cake celebrating a wedding he disagrees with, thus violating his conscience, the heavy hand of the state comes down upon him. 

Jack Phillips was able to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court, but some people do not know where to get help in these matters, and either back down or close up shop. The coronavirus has revealed that many people in positions of authority will try to force members of a church to praise God without singing, but have no problems allowing people to riot without worrying about social distancing or sanitizing their hands. 

We now face a choice between a candidate who would pack the courts with judges who are hostile toward anyone who practices a politically incorrect religion and one who, although his manner is imperfect, has done his best to protect our right to worship and live as our consciences dictate. The churches are the ones who lead the way, feeding the hungry, helping drug users become free of their addictions, enabling felons to turn their lives around, and caring for frightened women and their children. 

As believers, we should support candidates who will not try to force us to keep our faith private, silently praying when nobody else is around. Our faith is to be lived daily, serving others, especially the marginalized and unwanted, in the name of God. Vote for those who share our commitment to freedom of conscience for people of all faiths. It is the most important right we have.

— Jane Creedon, Terre Haute

Frustrated with torn up streets

The streets of Terre Haute are horrendous, between Vectren and Indiana American Water digging up the streets, then filling them with gravel. 

When is Terre Haute going to hold these companies responsible for destroying our streets? The water company dug up the roots of my hundred year old tree and destroyed it then claimed they didn’t do it. Enough is enough.

— Elizabeth Asay, Terre Haute

Killion has what it takes to serve

Vigo County School Board candidate Stacy Killion has the intelligence, energy and desire to most capably serve our community’s need for better schools. She also has the sorely needed perspective of a parent.

Accordingly, we voted for her and encourage you to do so.

— Donna and Charlie Williams, Terre Haute

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