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Goodwin emerges as top candidate

The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidate forum on Sept. 11 for the office of Vigo County commissioner. Four candidates for the office were given questions in advance of the forum to allow preparation about subjects and issues that each candidate would have to deal with as a commissioner. 

For those voters who were unable to watch the forum or who would like to watch it again, simply Google or search “Vigo County Commissioners Forum.“ What the forum revealed was that one of the candidates was prepared and had well thought out, forward-thinking answers for each topic. The remaining candidates often did not recognize the question (which they were provided with in advance), had to have the question repeated when a nonrelevant answer from another candidate threw them off subject, or departed from the intent of the question. 

Given the fact that each candidate had whatever time and resources he needed to prepare for the forum, it was telling what we might expect from those candidates should they end up running the county business for us.

Please take the time to view this forum, as the position of Vigo County commissioner is the most important and impactful political office the county has. The office of commissioner is a difficult and challenging position if done well, and the residents of Vigo County deserve smart and talented people to be good stewards of our tax dollars. 

As I watched the forum it became clear to me one candidate was prepared and actually had forward-thinking ideas for Vigo County. For the most part, the other candidates merely reflected on the status quo. 

The forum helped convince me Pat Goodwin, a Rose-Hulman graduate engineer and accomplished business owner, not only has the tools to prepare for and act on county business, but he also has a sense about how things could change for the better in our county.

— Bart Douglas, Terre Haute

Killion deserves support for board

The extenuating challenges facing our everyday lives have extended to our government and our schools. The choices we make in this election will set the foundation for future decades.

While we are made aware of elections on the state and national levels, it is extremely important to focus on the local candidates as well.

The Vigo County School Board race has an exceptional candidate in Stacy Hoggatt Killion. She is willing to talk with anyone and listen to their views.

At this time the school board does not have a member whose children who are currently attending the Vigo County schools and Stacy Killion would be an exceptional addition to that leadership team to represent that perspective.

I have followed Stacy and her family since I first met them in 1987. I was blessed to become more familiar with her when she began coming to our home to visit my daughter. I have always been impressed with her. She was an excellent student and active in her school while continuing to contribute to the community through a variety of activities.

Stacy is incredibly gifted and a wonderful example of integrity, courage, hope, care and compassion.

She exquisitely represents every good trait we always dream for in others.

Stacy Killion has worked hard for everything she has accomplished. She is extremely bright, very resilient and has always given of herself to help others. She has always been responsible and honest. The love for her family has never wavered.

The unique challenges facing our schools are clear and compelling. Stacy Killion offers quality leadership that would contribute to the support and further achievements for our children, teachers, administrators and others associated with the future of our community.

It is for these reasons and many more that without reservation or equivocation I unhesitatingly recommend Stacy Killion for the Vigo County School Board.

— Harold V. House, Terre Haute

Vote for new leadership

We are all saddened by the death and loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Despite the loss, she has left us with a wonderful legacy of hope for the future. The amazing work she accomplished during her lifetime in the fight against gender and racial discrimination was monumental. Civil and voting rights must be a part of the work we do now to make sure the freedoms we enjoy continue. As Ruth said, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join.”

So, what are the things we, as citizens, care about? They are considerable but doable by committed men and women. We need to address the issues of climate change, racial inequality, women’s rights, police reform, the death penalty, health care, immigration, and international relationships.

All of these areas are in serious need of attention because of the past four years of neglect and divisiveness. We will participate as committed citizens who support and look forward to the things we care about and the freedoms we enjoy. Our letter is asking that you join us in securing the future of our republic by voting for new leadership on Nov. 3.

This is faithfully submitted with gratitude for this opportunity.

— Adele Beacham, SP; Donna Butler, SP; Ann Casper, SP; Betty Donoghue, SP; Rita Clare Gerardot, SP; Karen Goehl; Jackie Hoffman, SP; Lorrie Scheidler; Rosaline Secrest; and Patty Thoms

Terre Haute Pax Christi

Concerned about missed vote step

I submitted a request for an absentee ballot. I am over 65 and I asked for it in case I got sick. I received my absentee ballot. There were no initials on the envelope. The name of the Democratic candidate for governor was misspelled.

Because I am healthy, I did early vote yesterday. I “soiled” the absentee ballot and turned it in. It only took a couple minutes and I was cleared to vote.

There was no way for me to vote twice. After my record was cleared, there was a paper printed out about surrendering the absentee ballot. Turns out it was a label and it was used to seal the envelope containing my vote.

So low chance of voter fraud in Vigo County.

While the clerk’s office staff is always pleasant and helpful, I am concerned there were no initials on the envelope I received. It’s a required and important step.

— Susan Edmondson, Terre Haute

Jewish folks should support President

A lot of presidents have come and gone but they have never done the good that President Trump did in the Middle East. President Trump supports Israel, the Jewish homeland, and this is critical for me.

Jewish people need to have a land like a captain has to have a ship. Jewish people should support President Trump because of this. I am concerned that without Trump as our President, Israel will not be supported like it should be.

Please vote on Nov. 3 because it is important to me.

— Michael (Mickey) Kor, Terre Haute

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